Social Media, Wine and You

Who here has heard of Gary V? For those who don’t know the guy, he built his family wine store in New Jersey into an 800 pound gorilla in the wine niche.  While you might not be crazy enough to start a wine of the month club, you might think that social media and the […]

iPad 2 and Computer Education for Kids

Kids were once taught the ABCs through chalkboards and the 123s through an abacus. Today, kids are luckier to experience a whole new world of technology-based education system.  Due to easy accessibility and popularity, children are more inclined to gadgets and computer games rather than street games. You would see a very young child favoring […]

The Computer’s Assistance in Research

During the colonial times, only a few would access basic information. Nowadays, this is not the case. The introduction of computers and other electronic media have contributed to awareness. Cordyceps has not been left out. This is a herbal treatment that is believed to be obtained from mushrooms. Modern technology has little to say about […]

Taking An Online Course As Your Next Step

At school you may be taught the basics of computer based programs such as Word and Excel. These are a great introduction to get young people using and interested in computers whilst helping them with their written skills. This could also spark an interest for them and lead onto other areas of learning. Once they […]