Teaching Computer Class is Great

So much has changed in the world of personal computers. When I first started teaching young people to use them, they were much larger. So much desk space wasted on hardware. Now every kid brings their own laptop, or we have a spare that we pull out of the drawer. No more clunky towers or CPUs, no more giant monitors.

When I teach my classes outside of schools. I have to find a property to rent┬áthat has enough space, but also more importantly, enough power. I must be able to allow all 20 students to be charging their computers at the same time. I am always trying to remind them that if they are working on their laptop they could easily be charging. These are the most important times to be plugged in, allowing for the battery to charge while you are stationery, allows you to have the most standby time possible. No more panic as your laptop dies when you need it most. It’s best to regard your battery as a travel option only. This helps you build a good natural practice.

Working with disadvantaged children who have never used a computer for anything other than surfing the web, is an incredibly rewarding experience. I hope that you have the strength to do what I have done, and start working on the front lines of the next generation. These are the people who will be leading us. Let’s give all the tools they need to succeed.