New technologies in our everyday lives

Technology these days have come to aid those that would like to save some time on their everyday lives. There are many uses today for the technologies coming out of stores and companies each and every day. Some examples are new smartphones that more and more are able to deliver a wide range of functions and capabilities at a touch of a button.

Another example I’ve experienced first hand is the ability that consumers now have to research and find the best price for whatever product they might be looking for.

We all know that we have been one of the most prolific consumers societies for a long time now and because of that our demands have also been raised.

One such example is that I was looking for a good hand blender the other day when I stumbled upon this Miallegro 9090 review and immediately got interested in this product. After some digging and researching I was able to find the same product with a wide range of prices from some of the most famous online retailers that we’ve all heard about. Retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

You’d be surprised how much price variation you may experience when checking prices across all these different retailers.

Using templates as an educational tool to learn web design

No doubt that proper education is amongst the important needs of the humans to be human! Usually the activity involving spreading education is situated partly about the government and to some extent on the non-public organizations It is evident that websites making use of templates just as one educational instrument to understand web design faster as compared to everything else. Nevertheless to take the things effectively to the readers or pupils your websites must be designed with better of education web templates! Realize some of the major options that come with your styles that you need to choose for building the education website:

Therefore the header of the education web templates have to retain the best information the sites desire to present. There may be several little animated graphics to pull more consideration in the student cum website visitors. Every one of the education web templates have to be well-managed while using wording data. Generally there should not be lot of info where the actual visitors will certainly sense insufficient excitement in learning! As well as the positioning from the news or the unique statement solar panels must be best, in order that readers find it easily successfully.

The education web templates should be with scopes to include the fun learning methods. Make sure you verify that you can modify the education web design templates and try to select for your own websites. There may be many functions or even would be the advertisements that are involving university student actions or perhaps the education that have to become applied inside individual’s templates. Consequently penny percent customization service has to be right now there with each layout. The above are the significant popular features of education web templates which make utilizing templates being an educational instrument to master web design. Besides those characteristics you ought to check if your layouts can be used using free technologies or not.


Using Proxies for Privacy

Some people are rightly concerned about their privacy online.  It’s not surprising as many of us run many aspects of our lives online now.  I’m sure I’m not alone with paying bills, managing my finances, arranging holidays using the internet.  In fact I’d be completely lost without an internet connection and I know my Wife and kids would be too.  Unfortunately with the benefits also comes some risks that all the data we transfer online somehow gets intercepted or lost.

In fact it’s probably a bigger risk that you would imagine mainly because of HTTP.  Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is the language most of our web browsing uses.  Your web browser sends a request using HTTP for a web page and the web site responds in the same language.  It’s a fast and efficient protocol which allows different browsers, OS’s and computers to interact with each other.  However it’s main problem is it is has no concept of security, all the transfers take place in clear text.  So in theory any body who sees the data can read it, seeing as web traffic travels over a myriad of shared computer infrastructure that is very likely to happen.

Now many people think that using a proxy server can help with security and to some extent that’s true.  However it’s not the whole story and a basic proxy server won’t help you that much.  What you need is a proxy server that adds a level of security to your connection as well – this can only be done by encrypting your traffic.  Take for example the two services on this post about  – How to Get a US IP Address.  Although the primary function of this article is to provide you with an American address so you can access US only sites like Pandora and Hulu – they do actually protect your connection.

This video shows a similar process but is to do with watching US Netflix, again by obscuring your real location and IP address.

One is a simple VPN which is encrypted by default and the other uses an SSH tunnel to add an encryption function the connection.  So unlike most proxies the ones provided by these two companies do help.

Without the encryption layer all you are doing by using a proxy is obscuring your address from the web server your connecting to.  Which of course is enough for many people, but please don’t think it provides you with any security as it’s simply not true!

How the iPad can help kids become better learners

The iPad, just like any other computer is an effective tool when it comes to learning and more so in as far as children with autism are concerned. For starters, the fact that the iPad is portable and compounded by the fact that it is flexible has given it an edge over the personal computers and laptops. Its touch screen characteristic as well as layout ends up making the iPad conveniently accessible for children who have learning difficulties or those that have problems with coordination.

Children facing these challenges will in most cases, find tapping and sliding easier especially when compared to writing and typing. These children also see the iPad as a trendy tech device and it does not automatically mark that particular child as being different. It also comes with numerous educational games and it has well over 40 apps that can go a long way in improving the learning skills of ordinary children. The apps cover various subjects including math, science, special education, and a host of others. It is a tool that can help bring up your child’s grades. In addition to aiding in communication and entertainment, the iPad will surely make learning a fun experience.

Read more about the iPad here (where you also are able to win the new Apple iPad 3):

Using the Internet to Research

One of the most important computer skills is one that we all think have, but maybe we are not as good at it as we might imagine. I’m talking about finding out information on the internet, about researching topics on the internet. Most people are content with turning on their browser and looking on for the information they are seeking.

What they are probably less aware about is that google is using cookies to track users progress across the internet and using this information to manipulate the results that are thrown up by google searches. This can lead to circular experiences when trying to search for new information.

Another problem is that google is a corporate entity that uses sponsored links at the top and down the side. I find these links rarely give you the information you want, just push a product or ’call to action’ box in your face. Furthermore, google tends to favor shopping sites such as Amazon instead of independent review sites that might give you a better price and a more honest opinion about a product.

When trying to research a holiday in Koh Phangan, for example, it is often the big companies such as and Agoda that people go to. These sites say nothing interesting about a place. The better place to go is to the blogs tab down the left hand side of the page. This will lead you to plenty of first hand accounts of places that can often be far more revealing.

Finally, most poeple searching for information on google rarely get off page one. The more interesting sites are often way down on page 2 or 3. This is because their owners have focussed more on content and less on link building.

Being aware of these things will greatly improve your ability to find reliable and actionable information on the net.