Moving With The Times

Off course with technological advances there are going to be changes to everyones life. Some changes are big and we all notice them but then there are the little ones that creep into everday life without much fuss. It wasn’t long ago that I remember saying I would never read online newspapers and I would […]

New technologies in our everyday lives

Technology these days have come to aid those that would like to save some time on their everyday lives. There are many uses today for the technologies coming out of stores and companies each and every day. Some examples are new smartphones that more and more are able to deliver a wide range of functions […]

Using Proxies for Privacy

Some people are rightly concerned about their privacy online.  It’s not surprising as many of us run many aspects of our lives online now.  I’m sure I’m not alone with paying bills, managing my finances, arranging holidays using the internet.  In fact I’d be completely lost without an internet connection and I know my Wife […]

Computer Skills and Wine?

I don’t think many people consider the type of computer skills that are readily apparent in the wine industry? Do you? Think about the last wine gift that you gave someone-what type of sophisticated content management system was in place for the website to function as it? One of the rather unique things about the […]

Using Computers For Online Refrigerator Shopping

In the modern world it is critical that consumers have basic computer skills if they are to get the best deals on big ticket purchases like kitchen appliances.  Gone are they days where shoppers could simply head down to their nearest Sears, pick out a refrigerator, and be confident of having gotten a great deal. […]

Using the Internet to Research

One of the most important computer skills is one that we all think have, but maybe we are not as good at it as we might imagine. I’m talking about finding out information on the internet, about researching topics on the internet. Most people are content with turning on their browser and looking on […]