Rasperry Pi Donation By Google

Google has just announced that it is to donate over 15,000 microcomputers to schools across the United Kingdom and Ireland (check this) .  They have set up an organisation called the Raspberry Pi Foundation which is donating the innovative Raspberry Pi mini computer.  They hope to inspire the younger generation into careers as programmers, developers and other technology areas.

The Raspberry Pi is a wonderful little invention which has already been extremely successful.

It’s basically just a pared down computer sold on a card no bigger than your credit card for a cut down price.  It has a tiny CPU, 256 MB Ram and even a Video GPU.  It’s probably similar to a Pentium 3 in todays processing power, but obviously needs external disk drives, monitors and other peripherals.

The idea is that the device is cheap and affordable and helps people learn more about the technology underlying modern day computers.  The problems today’s younger generations have is that although they are adept at using the latest technology, they rarely understand it.   When I grew up computers were much harder to use, you had to have some programming knowledge to get them to work.  The hours spent typing in computer programs was tedious at times but at least you learnt something.

Of course this generous donation won’t be much use without specialist teachers who can use these devices in their classrooms. Fortunately Google is also sponsoring some ICT Teacher training also as part of this release.  The standard of ICT teaching in the UK has been very limited, mainly restricted to using applications rather than any programming or network skills.  My own son informed me his own teacher had little knowledge outside spreadsheets and word processors.  He would have to look up information is anything like programming, macros, or this site to check on proxies – http://thenewproxies.com/ or other networking information.

Teach To Inspire

Using computers and modern technology to help disadvantaged youths have a better chance in life and understand the consequences of anti social behaviour is an idea that can really make a difference.


Getting the funding to take group trips and other such things is beyond the means of most programmes so being able to let people ’see the world’ through the computer screen and get an idea of different cultures as well as seeing places that they can aspire to get to. Seeing areas of natural beauty can also show what antisocial behaviour, littering and pollution might effect.

Being able to see these things and having the opportunity to broaden their horizons can inspire and influence positive change and give these people the opportunity to choose the right paths in life and avoid situations that may present themselves that could ruin their lives. By educating the youth in this manner they can have a positive effect on their peers hopefully creating a knock on effect of better attitudes.

Such sites as this here accessible with a smart dns service, help to show that with hard work and the right attitude you can get to places like this and get a good job. It also helps to promote the idea of getting out into the country and living a more active lifestyle which can lead to better long term health for them as well.

The initial cost for the technology to do this can be affordable by shopping about, getting deals and looking for reconditioned computers so is manageable as a solution for antisocial behaviour and helping disadvantaged youths.

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