Diversity in Online Shopping Malls

The extraordinary advances in computer technology, communications and software development has meant a revolution in online malls for shoppers who no longer need to brave the elements or use the car to visit their favourite stores. The sheer diversity of storefronts now available to browse on a home computer, laptop, tablet or even your phone […]

Smartwatches – a new toy for the kids?

Two years ago it was just a hype, something that seems to unrealistisk to be useful for others but the most hardcore gadget geeks, much like Google Glass. Now it’s here and something that more and more young people have embraced and love – the smart watch. But what is this new type of watch, […]

The World’s Youngest Computer Specialist

How old do you need to be to pass one of the Microsoft Certification exams? Well I passed mine many years ago at the age of 22, which I was quite pleased about.  Well my achievement has been rather overtaken by Ayan Qureshi who has passed the “Supporting Windows 8.1” assessment at the age of […]

Are You Hidden Online?

The news in the UK are frequently filled with stories and reports of legal cases concerning blogs, tweets and comments made online.  It seems that many people make these remarks often under the misapprehension that they are made under the cover of anonymity.  However the idea that you can do anything online anonymously is fairly […]