How Computer Change Our Life

Now, the world is changing. We can do even anything or everything. The world changes because of improvement of technology. Computer is one of example of improvement in technology. Now, computer can ease our task with no time. Computer has several interesting things to explore. With computer, we can send and receive a message faster and easier.

Just like one blink of an eye. Before, you have to write down your message in paper. You need an envelope too. Also, you need to wait a long time, for days, week, even month, before the letter will be received. Now, using a computer and internet, you can send email and it will be received with any minutes.

You can also search some article such as automatic litter box reviews in internet with computer. Computer can be a storage too. You can store your important files such as pictures and documents. Before that, you need a cabinet to save all your files. Cabinet has low limit in storage.

Compare with computer, it has a lot of space. You can store even one thousand files just in one place. Also, computer is safety for storage. You can make password for your file. Computer likes a tool too. With a software system, you can draw something in 3D without using pencil and paper. It is good for engineering and architecture.