How My Daughter Loves the Computer Too Much

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Compare to my old time, kids nowdays seem to know more about computer than I did. My seventeen years old daughter spends almost ten hours in front of computer. I do not even want to know what she is doing in there. Well maybe the internet has some magic spell for the teenagers. When I am asking my daughter why she spends so much time in front of the internet she just says she searches for something.

Teenager seems to have high curiosity about everything. In my days, I just used computer when I needed to do my task from school. Never more than that. But my daughter seems to stick together with it almost all the time. Well I do not concern about what she is doing as long as it still normal. I means, if a seventeen years old wants to know more about fashion and beauty, then let her be.

I do not want to be what she calls “Mrs. Old Fashion” because of my strict prohibition.  Well at least it comes in handy when I am asking where I can find the cheapest automatic cat feeder for her cat. Since she does not have time to feed it anymore. It is not wrong to spend a lot of time in front of internet as long as in positive ways.