How to Assess Email Service Providers

There are so many positive benefits to getting started with your email marketing and collecting optins, etc. But it’s critical that you understand the mechanics of what’s going on here, and it’s not something to take lightly. So if you have just decided to get into IM and start a business, then this is the perfect article for you to be reading. All email marketing service providers do the same thing, but it’s the bells and whistles you have to look for.


If you are looking to add list marketing to your business, then simply go to Send Grid for consideration. A lot of good impressions and good will has been established and maybe it’s because they are relatively new. The cheapest package you can buy is a pay as you go system in which you pay ten cents per thousand emails that you send. The service that they really want people to sign up for starts at eighty dollars a month but allows you to send one hundred thousand emails before you get charged any more.

If you want to explore even more service providers, then Campaign Monitor was created just for that purpose.  If you’re looking at targeting global customers, then buying a VPN service might be a useful option.  This allows you to connect to the web using country specific settings meaning you can access services which might normally be blocked from your current location.

Placing your email images or any images in your account with them is possible, and that’s something not seen too much. When you’re not known, you have to do more, and that’s exactly what Campaign Monitor tries to do. And they do what a few others do and prorate your fees accordingly such as if you don’t have many subscribers.

Bronto is an email marketing provider that does more than manage your email list. You can hire them to assist with all aspects of social media marketing tasks, and they have a solid reputation for doing well. This is obviously a robust company that is accustomed to dealing with high powered email marketers. You’ll just have to call them and see what they can do for you and at what price, and that’s how they work.

Any time you have a huge market such as this one, you would expect healthy variety with service providers for email. You really should not worry about getting ripped off because they don’t want that kind of bad press. One thing that is for sure is you won’t have any problem finding what customers think about them. No need to rush at all, but you have to get your list up and running or your optin campaign.

Further Technical Information