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Are You Planning to Become a Medical Practitioner? You Better Start Learning How To Be Tech Savvy Now

There is no educational institution that can possibly give you as much as the ability to develop your own skills by doing the appropriate research & reading the right literature. You could probably get away a decade ago without having much computer skills, but today such skills are a must have unless you want to be thousands of steps behind. The ability of easy access to information has revolutionized the way we operate today, the knowledge of running some simple queries can provide you with more information than you could get years ago spinning through books for hours in libraries. Finding medical records for a specific illness, finding history & linking medical conditions used to be days & days of hard work, which now can be performed literally within an hour with a large amount of data & far more advanced results than ever before. Those who are even more tech savvy & have better database linking skills can get some outstanding results.

Health care has been revolutionized once again and every day more diseases are better linked to certain conditions or behaviors and new studies are performed due to the new data available. This allows for faster problem solving, new found ways for treatment, newer & better therapeutic or surgery procedures. The data flows from thousands of countries around the world with new studies, allowing to link the foods we eat to bettering or worsening conditions like high blood pressure, cancers, cholesterol, glucose, c-reactive protein, triglycerides, other lipid substances, it’s simply amazing. Not surprisingly, the science is closer to finding cancer treatment than it has ever been, and more importantly, the pace is accelerating each day to finding a solution.

Countless lives are being saved daily & better information is likely to follow. With the advancement in stem cell research there will be even more & better possibilities to change the life as we know it. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to get behind the wheel of technology & information sharing, every minute passed is years wasted.

Learn How to Build your Own Fire Pit

There are few things nicer to do some evenings than linger out in the backyard. You don’t even need to have guests over, relaxing outside with your laptop and a nice drink is fine. The problem is that in many areas by the time September ends it is just too cold in evening to go outside anymore, which is a shame.

If you have even the most basic DIY skills you can extend your time out in the great outdoors by building your own outdoor fire pit. It is not anywhere near as hard as you might think and although it does involve quite a bit of physical labor the project can usually be completed in a weekend. Here are the basic instructions:

  • Mark out a square that will become your fire pit with stakes and twine.
  • Dig out the square to a depth of at least 12 inches, taking care to make sure that the hole’s bottom is level once you are done.
  • Add several inches of paver base to the bottom of the pit, again making sure that everything ends up level once you have tamped it down.
  • Begin laying  a perimeter of pavers to run level with the ground. as you build the levels up keep measuring to ensure that each course is staying level.
  • Once you have created the “interior walls” with pavers they need to be lined with plain fire safe bricks. this means that the pavers are not exposed to the heat directly. make sure everything fits snugly with no gaps to avoid cracking further down the line when your fire pit has been in use for a while.
  • Use a whiskey barrel planter to stack firewood in.
  • That’s it! Now you can look forward to fall nights outside for years to come and you achieved it all by yourself !

Social Media, Wine and You

Who here has heard of Gary V?

For those who don’t know the guy, he built his family wine store in New Jersey into an 800 pound gorilla in the wine niche.  While you might not be crazy enough to start a wine of the month club, you might think that social media and the same video blogging strategy he used can be helpful in your future career aspirations.

Of course replicating anyone else’s success is difficult, but in the internet age it is certainly possible to learn quite a bit from Gary V and everyone else who has made a name for themselves in social media.

While you might not ever want to own your business, there is plenty to learn from these people who have helped to show how social media can be used to create a brand!

iPad 2 and Computer Education for Kids

iPad 2 Jailbreak Software and Computer Education for KidsKids were once taught the ABCs through chalkboards and the 123s through an abacus. Today, kids are luckier to experience a whole new world of technology-based education system.  Due to easy accessibility and popularity, children are more inclined to gadgets and computer games rather than street games. You would see a very young child favoring an iPhone or iPad 2 as opposed to a stuffed toy or toy gun. With proper use, these gadgets and computer technology are instruments to advancing education for kids.

iPad and Computer Education for Kids are two very interesting topics to deal with. With the popularity of the Apple iPad 2 and the iPad 2 Jailbreak software in particular which enables you to access the operating system of the gadget and allows personal customization of settings, features and applications; computer education for kids become endless and limitless. You can download and personalize applications geared towards learning catering for newborns to older kids.

Kids almost learn their first shape, color, letter, or word through this tool. With films, audios, games and interactive software pertaining to intelligence and emotional quotient, math and vocabulary, kids are able to learn just almost anything using iPad. Not to mention, applications for yet to be born babies are also available featuring topics on choosing a baby name, lists to remember before giving birth and classical audios for babies to listen to while in mom’s uterus. By using the iPad 2 jailbreak software, you can fully experience the very best of this gadget.

The Sandwich Empire Built By a High School Kid

If you are hoping to get a job by completing a Subway application and applying for a position at your local Subway restaurant it might help you during the interview process that will hopefully follow if you knew a little bit about the company you want to work for.

One of the things that many people are surprised to learn about Subway is that one of the founding partners – Fred Deluca – was just a seventeen year old high school kid when he went into business with a family friend – Dr Peter Buck – in 1965.

Together they opened their very first restaurant in Bridgeport, CT and called its “Pete’s Super Submarines” Just four years later in 1969 they sold their first Subway franchises. Subway is now the fastest growing restaurant chain in the world, beating McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s in growth,  with over 35,000 branches in 91 different countries.

How Computers Enabled Me To Find Aloe Vera Juice To Treat My Pancreatitis

The spread of the Internet in the last 15 years or so has been phenomenal. Today children use a computer at school and few homes with children are without one. Modern mobile phones are a form of computer: not sure why we even call them phones anymore as making telephone calls is only one of the many things a mobile can offer.

The impact of computers on people’s lives could not have been imagined 15 years ago. On a personal level, the computer and more specifically the Internet probably saved my life. A few days before Christmas 1999 I had what turned out to be an attack of pancreatitis.  When I left hospital I was told I had experienced a life-threatening illness, that there was no treatment, and that I would probably have another attack. I did, the following Easter. At the time we were visiting my wife’s family in another part of the country, so I was taken to a different hospital. When I left a month later I was again told there was no treatment.

On my return home I went onto the Internet to search for a treatment for pancreatitis, not believing there was no effective treatment. Thankfully I quickly found one which a major hospital had been successfully using for more than 20 years. Why the other hospitals had no knowledge of this treatment was hard to understand. But thanks to my computer and the Internet I now drink a little <a href=””>aloe vera juice</a> each morning and the abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the aloe vera juice have freed me from further attacks of pancreatitis. Without my computer and the world wide web it is most unlikely I would have found out about how aloe vera juice benefits my health by boosting my immune system and how aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory properties help the digestive system.

The Computer’s Assistance in Research

During the colonial times, only a few would access basic information. Nowadays, this is not the case. The introduction of computers and other electronic media have contributed to awareness. Cordyceps has not been left out. This is a herbal treatment that is believed to be obtained from mushrooms. Modern technology has little to say about this. However, since the introduction of computers it has enhanced the results.

Since the computer are programmable machines .They are designed to perform logical and arithmetic operation, sequentially and automatically. This has enhanced the easier balancing of the constituents in the preparation of cordyceps. Their operation can be changed readily, to allow them to solve more than one kind of problem. It has a memory for data storage it has a processing unit that executes a series of functions; this makes it suitable especially in the storage of information concerning cordyceps.

The computer has undergone significant developments since the 20th century, when it was the size of a large room and consumed so much power as compared to current computers The analog that were available were used for the military applications unlike in the recent days where they are available everywhere and have made research easier.

Modern computers are based on the integrated circuits. They are more capable than the previous computers they only occupy a fraction of a space. Computers that occupy small space can be powered by small batteries. It has different components that enhance its functioning.

Since the contraindication of the cordyceps has not been identified, research is being carried out. With computers have the search has made easier and faster, as the information about cordyceps interaction and the toxicology, and the safety of the Cordyceps that is discovered, is shared among various scientists worldwide, improved upon and documented in these same computers.

Developing your child’s personal skills with our future leadership course

Do you also believe that your son or daughter, or your grandchild can become a future leader? Then it can become beneficial for his or hers personal development to join our future leadership development program. In life it is very positive to learn how we can make our change in life so everybody benefits from the changes we make. Having leaders who can guide the rest of society is very beneficial to society. Do you think your child is like ‘Luke Skywalker’ in Star Wars or one of our former students Jerome from Belgium who started helping people find the best loan that fit their profile, in Belgium known as persoonlijke lening with his online loans portal soorten leningen. Or if we take another example of Michelle who started her own farm with her cousins we can see the benefits of this program. Interesting detail of Michelle’s farm; Jerome helped Michelle out in funding her farm. “We all help out each other”  is our motto. This is what we promise you: we help your child become inspired by our ideas and help inspire other people to get the best out of themselves. If you have questions regarding the future leadership program, please do not hesitate – ask us and we will answer them. It is definitely worth the investment!

Supporting youths with knowledge the use of social media in their career

Young people that nowadays growing up all are very familiar with online social media such as facebook and till a few years ago also myspace until they lost popularity. Unfortunately most (young) people are not strongly aware, is that having a professional presence is very important as employers will search you in google. The last time when I used google and searched myself I found myself on a comment I made on the site, which is a famous online datingsite in Belgium. On the site of rencontre gratuit I saw I made a comment on meeting love online, which social media can also be used for. Everything you do online leaves a trace to who you are. As I really love online dating you can find me on many free online datingsites.  Additionally, I also have a linkedin and facebook account, which pops up on top of the searches in google. In our classes we teach young people how they can highlight positive sides of their lives such as travelling around the world – travel means you are well-educated and culturally aware.

Additionally they can build up their own ‘network’ and make new friends in these classes of equally minded people, so there are only benefits for your children to follow our classes in social media training. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Taking An Online Course As Your Next Step

At school you may be taught the basics of computer based programs such as Word and Excel. These are a great introduction to get young people using and interested in computers whilst helping them with their written skills. This could also spark an interest for them and lead onto other areas of learning.

Once they have left school many youngsters don’t like the idea of going to college and furthering their education in this way, after all continuing with classes is not for everyone. If that is the case then continuing education whilst earning a wage could be the answer. There are many online courses in all sorts of areas including computing, these can be done outside of your work hours so fit in very well for many people.

Taking the time to get comfortable with the Internet can be of great benefit in all areas, it isn’t just useful for shopping and finding the odd discount code or Green Smoke review here and there, it can expand your knowledge at the click of a mouse. Once you can use the Internet properly you will learn to use it as a resource not only to find online courses that interest you but also to find communities that will help you learn as well as job opportunities once you have gained your qualification.

Anything is possible if you know where to look!

Learn the Skills to be Successful in Life but Don’t Forget your Health

It’s important that our youth take life by the horns and learn the necessary skills needed to be successful in life.  Health, however, is something that absolutely should not be taken for granted.  After all, nothing is more important than health!  Those who choose a career in Information Technology often may be drawn into living a sedentart lifestyle.  According to this blood pressure chart, living a sedentary life and not getting good exercise can lead to hypertension.  High blood pressure is a silent killer and can greatly increase serious health risks if steps aren’t taken to mitigate it.  Remember, learning important skills for a successful career is essential in this day and age, but don’t forget your health!

Researching Health Using the Internet

by Aubrey

I have been wanting to get buffed up. So I go to the gym a lot. We do boxing and train with weights. Boxing in cardio so I sweat a lot. Coach says we have to drink lots of water and eat right. I wanted to read more about nutrition so I used the internet to help me.

At first, I thought protein from meat was important. But now I don’t think so. I need to get energy from carbohydrates. My mum makes me lots of potatoes and yams. These are good for energy. I can get protein and nutrition from green vegetables. My mum boils lots of things up and makes me soups. She likes making me foods and the things I want are cheap.

I looked at some online juicer reviews because I think this is a good idea for nutrition. My mum wants me to eat the fruits. I think juices will taste good. But until I can save up enough for my own juicer, I am going to eat more fruit like my mum says.

Using Personal Computers — and the Internet — as a Research Tool

One of the greatest powers of the Internet, and the personal computers that power it, is its ability to serve as a unparalleled research tool.  At our fingertips we have access to millions of facts that can be used to inform, educate, and empower our thinking.  Youths can look up facts about the Grand Canyon, learn about scientists’ most recent findings on the beginnings of our universe, research the pros and cons of a product that interests them (e.g., is there a mira hair oil scam?), or find out the weather in a far-away place.

Although there can be dangers lurking in the information available on the Internet, it is a powerful tool that has completely changed the way that our society functions.  We no longer have to wait for information to be distributed; it happens almost instantaneously.  Youths can learn about the latest news almost as it happens, interact with teachers on educational websites, or find out the most recent information about the future career of their dreams.

At CEDPS, we truly believe that the Internet is an important part of the future of our children.  It can be used for good in so many ways, and we support teaching children about the positive ways in which they can utilize it.


Learning Computer Skills for the Job World

Every day we as a society become more dependent on computer technology to run our lives. Think about it less than 5 years ago it was un-heard of to access your email and websites from your personal phone. Our kids will rely on this technology more so then we will ever think. Therefore it has never been more important to help your kids develop their computer experience. This will help them to become better prepared to enter the work force.

The first way you can help your child develop better skills is to help them learn a computer language. Many students are learning language skills that they will never use in their life. However, a computer language like JavaScript or c++ can help prepare them for the real world.

However, please keep in mind your child may not be interested in learning a computer language or working on computers. Therefore you can then teach them other basic skills like PowerPoint, excel, and office. This will help prepare them for whatever job they decide to take. If you are still uncertain as to the importance of computers in the workplace here are a few careers that are currently transitioning into a more computer related workspace.

Interior Designer – Designers are now using architecture and design software to help clients understand visual conceptions.

Healthcare Offices – A lot of people within hospitals and medical practices are now working with electronic medical record technology.

Marketer – Traditional marketing is disappearing and people are using the internet to conduct product research.

Learning New Skills Will Help Teenagers Find Jobs

Financially, most everyone is having a tough time now and getting a job is something that a lot of people are struggling with. But for teens, the situation is about as bad as it can get. Jobs for 16 year olds are often a teenagers first foray into the real world and it can be a scary time. But now it is a time more fraught with frustration than anything else.

Entry level minimum wage jobs are usually what teenagers look for. The restaurant and retail industries are where they have the most success at getting hired but right now there are no where near enough jobs to go around.

If you talk to your kids and find out what is happening to them as a group, you will find that many of them just can’t find any kind of work. It is not that they aren’t trying. It is just that the businesses are not hiring and many teens fall through the cracks.

This is the time when teenagers should be trying to develop additional skills that will make them more employable at a later date. Just because a teenager can’t find a job today doesn’t mean that they can’t work toward finding one tomorrow.

They should all learn how to type and that can be learned for free online. They should also learn everything they can about computers and programs like Microsoft Word and Excel because those are skills most every employer will value. Again, learning those things can be done for free. The more a teenager can be comfortable around a computer, the better for them in the long run.

Learning new skills is just one way for teens to prepare for tomorrow. If they can’t find a paying job perhaps they can find some volunteer positions. Being able to add a volunteer job on a future resume is much better than having to say that you sat around and played video games all summer. Yes, it doesn’t bring in the money they may think they need right now but it will benefit them down the line.

Moving forward is always better than standing still and now is the time for teenagers to figure out ways to add to their skills and give employers more reasons to hire them. Those that put in the extra effort will most likely be rewarded sometime in their future.

Computers For Children Educations Improve Mathematical Skills

Equipping under-privileged youth with basic computer technology can be a great equalizer in today’s world.  Children in developed countries have all the benefits of the internet to assist them in their educational efforts, but many kids don’t have this luxury.  Their families’ income is spent on putting food on the table, not improving their educations.

If the average high school student in the United States is having problem with his or her Mathematic homework, they can simply turn to the internet for assistance.  They don’t have to have a tutor nearby, or hope that their parents can assist.

Perhaps they have a mathematic question on the law of cosines?  If so, they can simply grab their computing device and Google for hints or solutions.  While this may sound like blue sky dreaming, it does not necessarily have to be.

Small laptops or tables used simply for internet browsing can be manufactured very cheaply – and are getting cheaper all the time.  There are many initiative like the one laptop per child program attempting to provide this functionality to kids around the world.

Remember, we simply want to give these under privileged children the same opportunities wealthy kids have.  These technological tools do not need to be able to play graphics intensive games, or perform complicated CPU intensive computation.  The ability to tap the many free resources available on the internet is enough to help these kids out.

Whether children are studying math or science, languages or history, all these subjects have supplemental materials available on the web.  Encouraging internet access for all is a great first step to lifting hundreds of millions – perhaps billions – more people out of poverty and into the modern world! An educated student will make more money as an adult, and this marks the beginning of many a virtuous circle of development.

The Internet Age Is Spearheaded By The Modern Day Search Engine

We have come to the internet age, and it’s here in full swing and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.  One of the greatest technologies of this age is the modern day search engines.  Search engines are like virtual libraries that you have access to right at the tips of your fingers.  It gives people an immense amount of freedom when looking for solutions and answers to problems.  You can find anything from the cutting edge sleep apnea treatment all the way to who won your local high school football game last night.  It is truly amazing and is almost something nowadays taken for granted.

Personal Computer Skill Are A Necessary In This Day And Age

Personal computer skills are something that is a must for pretty much everyone nowadays.  Imagine your life without knowing how to use a computer which is an everyday part of modern society.  Just using Google effectively is a great skill; you can find everything from the best working debt settlement plan all the way to quality reviews about your favorite Harry Potter books.
Perhaps the best skill to have and one that builds a great foundation for using the computer is being a proficient typist.  Being able to quickly type without giving it any thought will put you miles ahead of the game when it comes to building solid computer skills.