Netflix Wages War on VPNs

For years the region locking efforts of the large media sites have been thwarted by the existence of various ip address changing systems. These have been largely focused on two specific systems – proxies and VPNs. Both of these have been used by hundreds of thousands of people all across the world to bypass region […]

Level the Internet Playing Field

As well as completely transforming our communications and leisure time, the internet has become an important source of income for many millions of people. No longer does a budding entrepreneur need access to a wealth of specialized knowledge or capital to start up on their own. The business opportunities available online are almost limitless, unrestricted […]

Watching the News Online

I’m a self confessed News addict, wherever I go I need to get my fix of the news everyday.  Years ago, this was very difficult when you were travelling – no radio channels (except the wonderful World Service), only local TV channels and of course no internet.   I well remember paying 10 times the […]

Using Proxies to Bypass Blocks

For years you’d never really hear the word ‘proxies’ mentioned outside IT departments, however that’s all changed. I overheard last week, a heated discussion about the use of proxy servers between a group of retired people in a Spanish bar. This is because previously proxy servers were usually just used in large corporate networks to […]

Are You Safe – Internet Travellers

I remember a few months ago reading a computer security report conducted for a large international hotel chain. It was an assessment of the security of the various computer services that this chain provided for it’s guests. The report covered many areas, but the real headline of the document was what the security firm found […]

Why People Use US VPNs

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is essentially an encrypted tunnel between a client computer and a VPN server usually over the internet. For years these have been used by global companies to enable their employees to connect back to their corporate network securely. Basically it means that people can access things like custom […]

What Exactly is Smart DNS

When it comes to bypassing country based restrictions and the annoying media blocks used by the world’s biggest online companies – it used to be a choice between proxies and VPNs.   Basically these were servers that sat between you and the web site you wanted to visit which could hide your real location. The […]

How to Keep That Content Flowing

So you just have to write stuff, fill your blog with interesting articles – it sounds easy, but after when writers block kicks in then suddenly a routine chore can become a huge issue. Do you have your own blog? If so, it is possible to improve it by reading other blogs and learning from […]