Tablets, Phones and Laptops

I’ve normally kept up pretty well with the latest technology, but it’s starting to get pretty confusing.  Once upon a time it was pretty straight forward – you had a desktop at home and a laptop when you travelled. Two devices, easy to sync up your laptop when you  got home and copy a few files across or use some synchronising software to do it for you.  But last week it struck me that this decision is getting harder and harder.  I was sitting in a hotel room and realised I have three internet enabled devices sitting on my dresser.  My laptop, a smartphone and an Ipad, it could have been four I found my other tablet in my bag before I left but removed it!


So I’m sitting there in a hotel in Paris, ten minutes before the last episode of the current series of Doctor Who and thinking what am I going to watch it on!  I have a neat little UK VPN service –  which allows me to watch Iplayer abroad but have to figure out what to install it on.

In the end I settled on the laptop purely because it had the biggest screen but you do wonder why you’re lugging all this stuff about.  But it doesn’t stop there – I can use my phone, the Ipad or the Laptop for phone calls using a combination of Skype and dongles.

When I’m driving home, all the devices can function as a GPS – but normally switch between phone or Ipad.  The reality is that nearly all my devices do the same things – why do I own so many, what’s the point.  It seems I just ened up confusing myself especially as phones seem to be getting bigger in order to pack more functionality.  They are going to be the same size as an Ipad soon or the Mini-Ipad!

The technology market doesn’t seem to know where it’s going – a plethora of devices with identical functionality!