The World’s Youngest Computer Specialist

How old do you need to be to pass one of the Microsoft Certification exams? Well I passed mine many years ago at the age of 22, which I was quite pleased about.  Well my achievement has been rather overtaken by Ayan Qureshi who has passed the “Supporting Windows 8.1” assessment at the age of 5 years and 11 months.

Little Ayan has just started primary school and was introduced to computers at the age of 3 by his father. It was he who realised that the young boy had a natural aptitude for computers and technology.   His father is also an IT consultant and build his son a computer lab at their home and started him on the route for the Microsoft exams.

It all paid off as he took and passed the two hour exam in September, with apparently some time to spare.


It made me think about a conversation I had with my son, some weeks earlier where he was interested in doing something similar.  I suggested he was a little too young at  the age of 14, perhaps a stance I should revisit.

However having worked in IT myself for most of my working life, and now finding it rather dreary I wonder if pushing children on this sort of path this early is a good idea.   Computers can obviously provide a good career choice for any children wherever they are from, it’s also an industry where ongoing education is fairly essential.  I have been taking exams and certifications well into my forties – so Ayan has a few decades to go taking exams.

I’m sure it won’t do any harm though to Ayan as long as he doesn’t keep trying to brainwash himself down the Microsoft Certification route – after all an MCP at 6 is surely good enough for now.

You can read the reviews and get more information on the UK media sites, specifically the Telegraph and Daily Mail.   There is also a brief interview which at time of writing was being aired on BBC via their iPlayer application.  For those outside the UK, you might need an application to change you IP address to a British one using a proxy – like this.

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