Ask almost any college student if they experienced the “Freshman 15”, and there is most likely a resounding “yes” as an answer to that question.  This well-known phenomenon occurs to most students who go away to school and live in a dorm.  It of course, relates to average weight gain of a student during their first year in college.  It’s a surprisingly high amount considering the majority of college students are young with faster metabolisms.  I’d hate to see the averages for mature students who have metabolisms like me !

It’s still a large rise though so why?  There are a lot of reasons why this happens and how it relates to way we conduct education in 2021.

Freshman 15

For a lot of students, the school cafeterias offer an all-you-can-eat style buffet with an assortment of different foods to suit your specific mood.  Couple this with collegiate-style partying which includes mass quantities of beer and alcohol and little time to exercise, and most students will gain fifteen pounds or more during their freshman year of college.  In passed times, there use to be a lot of TV watched during the day too although we can probably replace that with the internet nowadays.

Although many people do take part in lots of physical activity during their college years particularly if their course is linked in some way to sports.  For many people their activity levels will drop to be replaced with study.  When you’re younger it’s relatively easy to fit in sports like running and football between school times, a college course may be more demanding.  It’s not a good idea to tone back physical exercise to this extent but unfortunately it does happen to a lot of students.

 Students who take online courses, however, don’t typically have this problem.  Not only do they manage to avoid the party animal mentality, but they manage to stay healthy and fit as well.

Perhaps, then, distance learning through an online education can be a great way to get your college degree and avoid gaining unwanted pounds.  Add a workout routine to your school work, and you have a recipe for success in maintaining a healthy physique.  While you are online, read some workout plan reviews to determine which ones will meet your needs the best.

All colleges now have fantastic internet access and there’s no limit to what you can do online.  You can even take different courses online from other Universities, try different languages by using the internet.  Even enjoy news and documentaries from the BBC simply by routing through a British IP proxy to hide your IP address.  Obviously you have to be careful in accessing courses which are restricted to specific locations.  You can use next gen proxies to bypass these restrictions and access the course but it won’t help when you have to attend the graduation !

A good review to read is the insanity workout review, as it can be a wonderful, comprehensive workout program that is condensed into the little time students usually have between their social lives and their studies.  You should be able to squeeze in a high intensity workout and still have time for your online classes, all the while avoiding the freshman 15.  You will be the fittest, best looking college freshman around, no questions asked!