A Resignation letter – Free Word template for when you resign

At some point in your professional career you will most likely need to resign from your job. I had to do this recently so that I could go it alone in the big wide world. I wanted to share with you both a funny and also professional resignation letters that you could benefit from.   Now obviously why you are leaving may affect which one you choose.  If you’re on the verge of being sacked because you spent all your time on Facebook or watching BBC abroad using the company VPN then it might be sensible to be cautious.

The funny version:

Dear <insert manager’s name here>,


<insert your name here, if you can be bothered!>

Here is the professional version:

You can copy and paste this letter into any Word editor and print, all for free.

Dear <manager’s name>,

I hereby give you <2 or 4 weeks> notice that I will be leaving <insert company> as [insert job you are leaving from].

I’ve determined that it’s the right time to proceed and I’ve taken a place elsewhere. This wasn’t a simple decision and required lots of concern; Nevertheless, I’m confident that my new job will help me to go towards some of the targets I have for my career.

I realize that my notice period is [your notice period] but I want to join my new company in the first date. And so, I want to request that you just waive my notice period and relieve me of my responsibilities promptly. Please be ensured that I’ll do all I can to help in the smooth transfer of my duties before leaving.  

Kind Regards

<insert signature here>

<insert your name here>

Always remember to remain position and professional. Hopefully this will help educate you on what you should be putting. Feel free to use this example template above.