Writing your own PDF reports for distributing to customers and potential customers can be a very effective business promotion tool. It is absolutely worth the time and the effort to actually increase the positive return on the PDF reports that you have created. The reason for this should be obvious, but it really is all about optimizing your marketing efforts. It’s great to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. What is the most amazing thing is that so few Internet Marketers or business owners actually bother to really pay attention to their PDF ebooks. It’s important to remember how important customer satisfaction and user experience are.

Even if your ebook or report is on the short side, take some time to section it up and write out a Table of Contents (or ToC). This is to help increase the professionalism of how you present yourself and it tells your readers what they can expect from you. In addition to the actual text of your ToC make it linkable so that readers are able to jump directly to the sections they want to read the most. It’s easy to do this so the only person to blame for all of those PDFs that aren’t built that way are the people who have created them.


If the document is about a specific topic or to solve a problem then it should be clear and concise. I recently read a document which showed how you could watch BBC iPlayer in the USA, it was very well written like this and also included an embedded video explaining terms like proxies, ip addresses and vpns.

Plus, readers always appreciate any convenience you can offer to them and this is a convenience that is easy to provide. Organization is incredibly important when it comes to ebooks and PDFs because this helps it become more convenient for the readers. This is the best way to earn more points for yourself but you already understand this. So–just as you know you need footers and headers–you know that you should have page numbers too. There are different ways to do this and there is nothing hard at all about it. For strict accuracy, you should use Roman numerals for the pages at the beginning of the PDF–for your disclaimers, etc. Then the content pages will be done in regular number format. This is how to correctly number your pages and you should take the time to do this so that it will look professional.

There is so much that can be said about fonts, typefaces and the manner in which you employ them within the PDF report you have created. It’s important to think about the most difficult members of your target audience which, in this matter, is usually people who are over the age of forty. This means that you need to be sure that you use at least a font size of twelve points. Adobe PDF readers do let people increase the sizes of their fonts. Or perhaps minimize the text and include a video like this one which helps explain the issue.

But it’s still a good idea to use a reasonable font that will be easy for everybody. Also, do avoid the use of fancy fonts or those kinds that are not what people normally see. As a PDF creator your best options are Verdana and Times New Roman. A non-Serif font will be easier to read and will cause less eye strain.

When you are taking in and digesting these tips for improving how readers respond to your PDF’s, don’t think they are hard to do. Actually, you can find people who offer a service that basically does these things for you. But they tend to be pretty expensive and you should be able to do most of these things on your own. So take some time to help increase the memorability of your next PDFs.