Computer Skills and Wine?

I don’t think many people consider the type of computer skills that are readily apparent in the wine industry?

Do you?

Think about the last wine gift that you gave someone-what type of sophisticated content management system was in place for the website to function as it? One of the rather unique things about the wine industry is that, there are over seven thousand active wineries in the United States and each winery makes, on average 10 wines per year.  Unlike the beer industry those wines change from year to year as well.  Even if a winery is making the same 10 wines by brand name, the percentages of included grapes often changes just as does the year.  For wine, vintage matters which is one unique thing to be sure.

Just creating a content management system which can catologue that amount of information is impressive in and of itself.  For that, you need someone with truly great computer and programming skills.