Web design prices for blogs can be incredibly cheap depending on which designer you choose.  However some of the best ones can also be ridiculously expensive but if you have the time it’s something that most of us can do to a reasonable level.  Even if you think you don’t need a website, it’s worth encouraging your children to explore this interest.  If you want to improve their IT skills then this is something you need to consider.  Designing, setting up and running your own website can save you money but also allows you to develop useful skills.  After all, the world is slowly being run by computers so it is important for teenagers to develop IT skills early and one of the best ways to do this is to set up their own blog or website.

You may be surprised to find your children already have some sort of online presence.  Many teenagers will have social media pages, some will even have YouTube or TikTok channels.  Setting up a website or blog is just the next step, where they can improve those skills and expand on them. You can even use the two to complement each other, most successful websites will have a corresponding social media page and vice versa.

The Early Obstacles

At first, people get enthusiastic with the low initial costs. The common cost for a domain name these days is roughly $10. Upon seeing such prices most teenagers feel confident to pursue this endeavour only to start hitting one wall after another. First they’ll stumble upon the costs for yearly hosting, which can reach up to $200. Unless they have a part time job they won’t be able to sustain that except if they opt for blogging platforms with free hosting.

There are options to lower these costs though, you can even find some free hosting options like WordPress and Blogger although they do come with some limitations.  The important thing to remember that you can upgrade and switch options like this if your site requires it.  At  the beginning though, the cheapest, simplest option is usually sufficient for most needs.

If you want something specific and technical you may not find a WordPress option that works, but it’s fairly unusual.  A more technical site that provides some sort of direct interface like web scraping for things like finding hotels or even fast proxies may need something coding from scratch.

The Big Hurdle

The real issue though is with the web design prices. Even for a simple blog the base web design prices could cost at least a few hundred dollars. That is for a static website with no logo design, Flash integration, and special plug-ins. That might sound like a lot, especially for young teenagers just eager to get started, but there are ways around it.

Teenagers can instead work with free platforms like WordPress. These platforms will still require some work to get the most out of them, especially with minor upgrades and some design customization, but they are the cheapest a teenager can afford.  There’s no problem using platforms like these though, some of the world’s biggest sites are also built on top of a Content Management system (CMS) like WordPress.

Easier, Affordable Solutions

As mentioned above, teens need to get acquainted with the online world as soon as possible. With pretty much every business nowadays already focusing on online business models, it is a good idea to introduce basic web design and blogging. Web design prices might be a bit too high for a young teen but there are things you can do to keep the costs low.

What’s great about building using something like WordPress is that the basics are really taken care for you.  You can literally design and make live a web site in under an hour. Creating something visible online reasonably quickly is important for encouraging young people.  There’s limitless opportunities for improving a site but a basic WordPress install with a simple theme should look pretty good straight away.   Encouragement early on will pay dividends and drag them away from YouTube or watching TV online all day !