Educational Computer Games – Minecraft

There have been educational games around on computers for years, however there was usually one significant problem with them – they weren’t much fun.  There were a few exceptions of course but on the whole your average educational computer game was just not that appealing to children.   In fact all the games that children like to play online where normally blocked on purpose except to these enterprising souls to mastered hide ip software or proxies, which many did.    But nowadays the situation is much different and in fact one educational based computer game is actually played by millions of children on their own.

The game is called Minecraft and it sets the player in an empty desolate world where they have to explore and collect resources for survival.  The game can actually be highly customised and in an education setting, the scenarios can be developed to focus on learning, team building and other skills.  It’s most popular among the age range 8-11 but older children can play too.  Examples of scenarios that can be played include starting on a desert island and working as a team to survive.


For example players must look for resources to help them survive.  This includes looking for food and something to build shelter for the group.  The computer game can also be used as a practical introduction to computer networks,  setting up the environment for team play across the internet.

It’s proving to be very popular with many schools creating their own courses based on the inexpensive computer software.   Don’t be surprised to see Minecraft classes appear all over Europe and the US, it’s fun, simple to set up and very popular with children.

It’s not difficult to set up across the internet, any computer can act as a server to host the game and then all the other computers can connect directly to the same game.  There’s no real need for proxies, vpns or any real networking knowledge like this