Now we’ve all probably see the stories of those YouTube millionaires who prance around while millions follow them.  In reality, this is probably is not suited to all of us especially those on the wrong side of 40.  The reality is that when you have millions of followers it’s actually extremely easy to make money from YouTube, there’s loads of opportunities for advertising revenue and paid product placement.   Getting those followers though can be very difficult and for every millionaire there are hundreds of thousands who rake in a few dollars a month from their channels.

So what’s your option if you aren’t a stunning 20 something blonde with a wacky personality and an exhibitionist streak?  Well there are other ways of making money that are perhaps not as lucrative but way more predictable.  You see viral is difficult to achieve, and some may say even harder to maintain.  I remember several people who were all the rage a decade ago but have now faded into the annals of digital history.

The problem is that you can spend ages thinking about and creating a potential viral video but chances are it will fail.  Indeed when a video goes seriously viral it’s almost always unexpected, hoped for perhaps but unexpected nonetheless.   My advice is don’t try, if you have a YouTube channel aim for a certain level of quality and provide useful information.  However you shouldn’t spend loads of money and effort on single videos unless you have a very flexible budget and plans on YouTube domination.

Many people who make a very good living from YouTube have learnt the hard way that the safest way to increase revenue is to keep adding videos.  It’s that simple, if you keep adding videos you’re building up your potential ad revenue each time plus expanding your channel.  The difficulty is that producing decent videos regularly can be hard work, unless of course  you have some sort of tool.

I’ve started using something called Content Samurai which helps bypass this problem. It’s a simple program which can be used to create videos very quickly and to an extremely high standard.   It was first released a year or so ago, but to be honest it was a bit basic then and I quickly got fed up of the videos it produced.  However now there’s a few new features that have been added which make a huge difference to both how easy it to use and the quality of the videos.

Here’s a quick look at  the program in operation – Create Videos Quickly , which you can find hosted on Youtube.

As you can see you can go from a few lines of text to a fully featured video in a few minutes. If you really went crazy then you could probably finish in a couple of minutes. Although what I like now about the new release of Content Samurai is that it’s now possible to spend a little more time and effort and really customize your presentations.

It’s true that to some extent you can spot a Content Samurai video quite easily but not all of them. There are some being produced with custom graphics, professional intros and video backgrounds that look professional quality and some. This technical video called IP address changer incorporates a brief screen cast which makes it stand out from the standard template.

The crucial fact though it to remember that you can produce lots of videos very quickly indeed and that’s it main selling point. If you get used to the software which doesn’t take long you can easily generate significant numbers of videos extremely quickly. Uploading in quantity is always a decent tactic with YouTube, some will sink, some will do ok and other videos may go viral. However you’ll never know which is which until you release them.