If you like to have the newest computer with the latest technology then you want the HP TouchSmart 610t. It takes touchscreen technology and blends it with a large screen, all-in-one computer. While this desktop has an appealing, compact design and has lots of practical and fun features, it also has a couple of faults. Keep reading to find out whether this computer is a good idea for your needs or not.

While most computers are not well known for having outstanding sound quality, the HP TouchSmart 610t is a rare exception. The computer utilizes Beats Audio technology which is well known for providing high-quality sound. The integrated speakers give you great sound, and you can adjust the settings to the appropriate place for whatever you’re listening to.  I particularly enjoyed watch Gaelic football from TV3 streamed through an Irish proxy, the sound was incredible. You’ll really enjoy these speakers when you’re watching videos. The headphone jack is one that is specifically designed to eliminate as much ground noise as possible.

HP Touchsmart

The HP TouchSmart 610t comes with Windows 7 Home Premium and this is nicely integrated into the touchscreen features of the desktop. If you buy this computer, you have access to Windows Live Essentials, which gives you many capabilities for socializing as well as organizing your photos and other content.

Social sites like Flickr, Facebook, and YouTube are easy to use with this computer. You can even use the facial recognition software to quickly organize people into the proper photo files, folders, and albums as well as to tag friends and family members. Additionally, the touchscreen makes the process faster and more intuitive than ever before.  Try investing in a VPN and you can open p even more entertainment possibilities – you can watch the BBC iPlayer from the USA, try this.

Now the big question in your mind is “How much is it going to cost me?” While you can easily get a quality desktop nowadays for under $500, a TouchSmart computer will cost you closer to $1,000. The bottom line is that while there are occasional sales on top-notch tech you should expect to pay about double the going rate for last year’s technology for something this cutting edge and new. This particular investment is in the touchscreen technology and the all-in-one design. This computer isn’t mean for people who need to count their pennies or have limited computer needs. There are many reasons to recommend the HP TouchSmart 610t but the price isn’t on that list.

This is the best and the worst about the HP TouchSmart 610t. The awkwardness of your first swipe will not take long to replace with the excitement of a newer and faster way of operating your computer. After you get comfortable with it, you’ll probably find it’s much simpler and quicker to use a touchscreen than to fiddle with a keyboard or mouse.