When you start your blog, you’re probably busting with ideas for useful posts however it’s hard to keep those ideas going. Unless you’re a professional blogger, then you can always stand to improve the content on your blog. Even the pros could benefit from some tweaking since no blog or content writer is perfect. The reason you should do this is simply to give your readers a richer experience. You also realize this could boost your site metrics such as bounce rate and more. The following three tips will help you provide higher quality content for your readers.


Blog posts work best when they use the common article structure. Good structure involves some specific parts, parts that people are more used to dealing with than they probably realize. Even if a reader isn’t cognizant of each element individually, he or she will instinctively know when something is off or a part of the structure is missing. The precise type of structure you follow really depends on the type of article or post you want to write. ┬áIt also can vary depending on the language which you are using, this video post on French TV online explains more.

Maybe you’re going to compose a product review or maybe you’re post is going to compare as well as contrast a variety of products. It’s best, however, to limit these types of posts to two products so that you’ve got the space to really get into each of them. If you only want to review one thing, be it a product or a service, there is another structure entirely that will need to be followed.

When you write a blog post, to avoid hard feelings with your readers, try to change up the content format every now and then. If your paragraphs are the same length, this is not a good idea. They will associate this with learning out of a textbook instead of actually enjoying the content that you are providing. Or, it just looks intimidating for so many people and they’ll rarely read it. The easy fix for this is to introduce variety with the lengths of your paragraphs. Then go through and make sure that the content flows properly, even though the paragraphs are different lengths. Whenever you have short paragraphs, be careful! Your content can get distorted quite easily. Also remember that paragraphs should never be longer than four sentences, as this can also cause problems.

General reading behavior online consists of a lot of scanning and looking around. Since this is something that you cannot change it, you will have to change your content to accommodate these tendencies. Something needs to catch their attention, like a hook, or subheadlines placed strategically throughout the article. You’ll want to make the font sizes smaller than the main headline. Many people use headline tags to make this process as automatic as possible. The flow of the article will be conveyed through the subheadlines when it is done this way. Additionally, to make sure the article flows, good structure needs to be part of the article. Finally, stir up some curiosity with your readers by making the subheadlines really stand out.

Using proper format with your content, you can use certain tricks, but always keep in mind the perspective of the reader when you do your writing. It can be very easy to completely forget about your audience when you write your content. And that’s the most important person in the whole equation.

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