For many businesses, the whole internet side of marketing looks like a huge , complicated minefield.  Slowly the realisation that just having a web site is not where it stops, but in reality it’s just the beginning of the digital journey.

There are all sorts of ways that you can make money on the Internet. There are so many options including setting up an online sales portal to sell your products and services, as well as affiliate marketing – the sky really is the limit! Some actually create a subscription-based newsletter, which is a viable option for most people today. By setting up a nominal subscription fee, you can make quite a bit of money online by doing this.

Building the best newsletter that you can, however, is a prerequisite to making this happen.  In fact the newsletter is perfect for many kinds of business, simply because it gives you a chance to engage with your customers without the hard sell of email.  Adopt the style of your target customers, in particularly with reference to their nationality which can make a big difference to your approach.  Don’t send lots of information that is not relevant, for example I came across one marketer who used to distribute  his product information on using a British VPN, link here – to people who were already resident to the UK – a fairly pointless procedure.


Create at least a few editions of your newsletter before you start sending it out to your subscribers. Consider the magazines when you go through stores today. Whatever you see was actually finalized months ago before printing. Your newsletter needs to be done in the same way. Three months worth of content needs to be done before you start sending out a newsletter that is ready to take subscriptions. If you are only going to publish once a month, you should have at least six months worth of newsletters ready to be sent out.

A centralized topic for your newsletter needs to be chosen. You won’t succeed if you generalize your newsletter. People that subscriber looking for specific material on certain subjects. These people won’t subscribe to your newsletter if it doesn’t have specific niche information that they are seeking.

You need to choose your subject material very carefully. You have to choose the right information. This is a topic you will be writing a lot on. Coming up with a lot of information quickly may have to occur, depending upon how often you send out your newsletter. The topic you choose, then, should be something you enjoy learning and writing about and that is a “happening” topic (one that has a lot going on).

Sending out a newsletter is fine, but only after you have built up your e-mail list for some time. Building your list of subscribers can happen in any number of ways. The incentive for many would-be subscribers is always a free gift in exchange for their e-mail. Choosing related sites, you can advertise, pointing people back to your squeeze page to collect potential subscribers’ e-mail addresses if you want to. Your subscriber base should be quite huge before you launch anything (a product or service), so you need to advertise and get subscribers on your list as soon as you can. Succeeding with a newsletter is really all about doing a few different things that bring about a positive result. In this article, we have presented several of these strategies. To become as successful as possible, you also need to do your own research and discover the many other things that will help you succeed.

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