Developing Your Skills in Technology and Computers

How best to develop your skills? A question that many people ask themselves and more often than not give up after struggling to find the answer. Well, if you are serious then having the perseverance to continue and actually find the best tool to develop your skills is important.

Having computer skills is of course a huge advantage in many areas of life.  If you’re looking for employment or just studying then being able to use a computer will be of great benefit.  Many jobs now stipulate a certain level of proficiency in at least basic computer skills.  Using a computer is now as useful as basic levels of English and maths to the majority of employers.


There’s no need for anyone to miss out on these skills though, even if they don’t have a lot of knowledge about computers.  Anyone can learn about computers and you don’t need to be some sort of nerdy geek to get real computer based skills to put on that CV.  The best part of gaining skills in technology is that they’re very well suited to being delivered online.  You can potentially become a computer expert by never leaving home (although we don’t recommend this!). There are classes online of all sorts of levels in computer skills available for free.

Have a look at these for instance –

  • The ODIN Project – well respected courses supported by a huge number of talented volunteers.  Learn most programming and web development languages here with nearly 80,000 others.
  • MIT Open Courseware – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is of course a world renowned university. However did you know that thousands of it’s courses are available free online to non-students.  Sure you don’t get the Degree but the knowledge is all there to access, have a look and see what interests you.
  • Code Wars Over 30 programming languages delivered in an innovative way using martial arts style progression. Lots of people love this site and have started successful careers in IT from this resource alone.
  • Solo Learn – currently supporting about 12 computer programming languages but has thousands of lessons and quizzes. There’s quite a lot of mobile components so you can learn on your smart phone too.

For the majority of businesses these days computers are an important way to function whether it is getting information out and interacting with customers, sales or research having computer skills is very important in most businesses.   Not only can it help in your work but it’s also useful to use as market research particularly when combined with appropriate tools such as a decent proxy server for example.

Finding courses to learn the basics or maybe take you up to the next level will significantly improve your chances of getting a job or progressing in the one that you already have.  If you have problems accessing any of these course or the thousands of others online based on your location – then simply hide your IP address.  You can do this by using a proxy server as mentioned previously, they’re not expensive and can unlock content that might be blocked to you previously.   They’re also great for watching Hulu, YouTube and the BBC if you get the right ones.

These skills will stand you in good stead and with them you will be able to work on websites for things as diverse as aquariums to 5 star luxury lodges and being able to work on such a wide and varied selection will also be another impressive string to your bow on your CV.

It is always important for us to try to improve at whatever we are doing and with the way the computers and technology are constantly changing and updating it will be well worth your time and effort to take the steps to stay up to date and further your career possibilities.

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