Why We Need Proper Ticket Proxies

It’s been about five years since I first tried out a beta version of a new Ticketing Bot that was doing the rounds. To be honest I was lucky to try it out as the full version was several hundred dollars, but I got to use it for a little feedback. Just to explain a Ticket Bot is a piece of software which allows you to go to specific Ticket websites, in this instance Ticketmaster, and buy multiple tickets under different aliases. Here’s one of the oldest suppliers called Ticketbot.net, where you can see the huge range that are available

The idea is that for highly demanded events using software would be much more effective than sitting at home waiting to press the buttons manually. Especially because many of these events literally sold out in minutes and you had to be very lucky to get any tickets at all. In such events the limit is normally set at two or three tickets, at the very most four so that you can’t pick up any for your friends either. In reality it doesn’t matter as trying it manually from a remote location it’s almost impossible. Which is what normally happens to me, when a ticket release happens then I’m nearly always somewhere obscure at the end of a painfully slow internet connection.

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There are many problems, sometimes it’s the location – you’ll rarely get a chance at a US concert if your IP address says you’re somewhere in Asia or Africa for example. Ticketmaster tries to check you’re a genuine customer and it presumes you’re up to no good if you try from a foreign country! Also simply the distance means you’ll be at a huge disadvantage anyway as those Boss tickets time out while you’re putting them in your basket! Frustrating, you bet !!!

The software circumvents a lot of this, optimizing the responses and allowing you to have multiple tries at getting some tickets. Or more interestingly giving you the chance to score a load of tickets with which you can make a tidy profit. Yes a little bit scalper like but when you see the money you can make it’s awfully tempting!

Why Proxies Are Essential

The problem is that although the Ticket Bot is fast and efficient. Plus it can try multiple times, it does nothing about your IP address. Even if it is in the right place you cannot make multiple applications using the same address or you’ll get blacklisted or blocked.

This is where proxies come in, giving you the ability to hide your real location/identity and use a false IP address instead. Not only can you have a completely optimized location and connection, you can have lots of them too! Nowadays there are even specialist Ticketmaster proxies which are located near their servers and are specially designed to get passed all the blocks.

If you don’t use proxies to hide your IP address then frankly you’re wasting your time. However there are now some great deals on these proxies which makes gaining lots of different addresses very simply. remember though any proxy used to access an E-commerce site like Ticketmaster should ideally be using residential IP addresses. Any other classification is likely to be filtered unless you’re only trying to get one or two tickets. For commercial or larger scale then residential IP address are definitely the way to go. They’ll normally be rotating as it’s actually quite difficult to buy static residential IP addresses due to their costs.

Using these rotating proxies though works really well especially with ticket bots as you can simply plug in a single proxy address. The proxy will then rotate through different IP addresses, if you use a decent company you can configure this to maximise your chances. Some companies let you configure to a city level which can help greatly when trying to get tickets for a specific event.

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