The Simplest Methods to Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

Creating a website to look good in all circumstances can be a bit of a challenge.  Take for instance a WordPress blog, the chosen platform of millions of bloggers and organisations across the world.  It’s simple and easy to set up, you can even buy customized templates for creating a different feel.  There are thousands of these themes for things like magazines, blogs, portfolio or even e-commerce stores.  It’s no exaggeration that you can be up and running in a matter of hours with very little investment.

Unfortunately sometimes it’s not as straight forward as this – you need to check how your website looks in different web browsers.  Make sure at a minimum you check Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari – and ensure that your website looks and displays well in all of them.  If you’re using a standard CMS like WordPress and have bought a proper theme there should be no problem.  However as soon as you start customizing and tweaking display settings then potential problems can occur.   The issues can vary, but although they will be worse on complicated multimedia sites like ones which stream UK TV channels online, they can even effect the simplest blog posting site too.

Remember your visitors may come from all sorts of sources – using PCs, Laptops and Apple Macs with a combination of screen setting and resolutions.  Make sure your website looks it’s best to all visitors, or at least to the vast majority of them.  There is also another issue that you should consider with regards to display – mobile devices.

Many people now surf the internet on their phones and tablets, which obviously have much smaller screens.  Your website may look great on a 22 inch screen with a high resolution but how does it look crammed into a small mobile like the iPhone or iPad.  Even larger screens can cause display problems on certain websites.  I for instance surf mostly using an iPad, especially after my discovery that I can use a fake IP address to switch it between locations to watch Hulu, BBC Iplayer etc – look here for more information –

Often sites can be difficult to read, text scrolling off the bottom of the page.  Menu navigation can also be a challenge particularly if you’re using a design with many columns.  So if you are getting a lot of visitors from mobile devices then you need to do something about.  You can invest in any decent web designer who should be able to convert your website to a mobile friendly version.  For WordPress users it’s even easier, there’s a simple application called WPtouch which you can install as a plugin on your site.  This plug in detects when a visitor is using a mobile device or a tablet and serves up a modified version of your site.

Using an IPad for Designers and Architects

Although for the most part, the iPad has been met with serious acclaim across the world. There have been some mutterings of discontent from some high performance users who see it as something of a backward step in mobile computing. With prices of storage and disk space plunging, we have all been handed the capacity to create, draw or design on our computing devices like never before. However if you pick up a standard 64GB iPad and store a few apps and AutoCad your going to seriously struggle to complete very much on it. The problem is that the lack of storage and the input devices themselves mean that it simply isn’t big enough to store very much. You put a few sketches or drawings or designs and you’re looking at a very full and sluggish device. The iPad is designed to consume content but it’s not really very good for allowing people to create their own stuff

.  The architect or designer with Autocad is going to spend most of their time uploading designs to the cloud or other devices. The mobile device of the decade is going to need some sort of storage device in tow to make it truly usable. If you’ve tried uploading a 1 gb design file onto the cloud you know you’ll need some serious patience and plenty of spare time. This criticism has hit Apple, they don’t want to be known for creating a device that actually stifles creativity, it’s not a great image for a company like them.

So they have created a new version for design professionals or at least people who need some serious storage on their devices. the major difference in this version is that it has 128GB of disk space enough to get all your apps installed and then carry around quite a few designs with some working space. It sounds simple but it could be the difference between people moving from their traditional PC based versions of Autocad onto IoS. It’s something I find useful to travel with now, especially now I have finally figured out a way to bypass content restrictions on certain websites. Yes I have figured out that I can watch online TV shows from anywhere in the world on an iPad using a VPN – here’s how.

It’s also available on YouTube if you want to watch it again – How to Set up a VPN for the Ipad Worth watching if you travel with your iPad anywhere – for example my banking website is inaccessible when I am connecting from a foreign IP address! How useless is that. Although it should be noted that these are often blocked and restricted, even the BBC is trying to block VPNs just read here, so it’s best to invest in a proper secure service which should be undetectable.

Creating Online Videos for Fun or Profit

You’ve probably seen them on TV or on the media, those internet and YouTube ‘personalities’ who make a fortune by just churning out videos. If you’ve followed up and investigated it’s not hard to see why these people make so much money, some of them have millions of subscribers. This is valuable whether in advertising revenue or promotional value for brands and product owners who are willing to pay for endorsements.

Obviously not all of us have the personality for the self promotion that’s usually required to be successful in this way. However there are other options and many people make similar amounts of money online in a much more low key method on YouTube. The key without doubt for these methods is to produce decent quality videos very quickly. This is because if you can get millions of subscribers hanging on your every word then your next best bet is quantity. The more videos you upload to places like YouTube the more traffic you’ll see. A hundred little videos with a thousand views each is still a substantial amount of traffic.

So how can you produce videos like this quickly and easily without learning loads of new skills. Well here’s one method in this video demonstrating
a sales video creator that you can find for sale online:

As you can see they have taken the process of creating a slideshow online and streamlined it into a quick and simple task. The concept revolves around the fact that the more videos you produce, then the more traffic that you’ll generate and hopefully the bigger the income. It works too, not every video you produce will generate lots of traffic but most generate something and the occasional one will take off. Every video you produce thus has a positive impact and if you produce these videos consistently then your views will grow exponentially.

As soon as you start producing numbers of videos, you’ll find the volume to your channel will increase too. Combine this with extra subscribers and traffic from related videos and the YouTube search engines and it won’t be long before you start seeing some benefits. Often you can branch out using different types of video perhaps using an inexpensive tool like power point or a dedicated video production software.  If you’re producing the videos for potential profit then the next step is to add extra channels and produce even more videos.   You can also outsource your video creation efforts for money too and perhaps advertise your services.  If you use a VPN program like this one demonstrating how it’s possible to watch the BBC iPlayer in Ireland like this you can hide your location and use advertising sites in a variety of different countries without restriction.