How to Watch Match of the Day Abroad

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So you love Football, you crave the Premiership but you’re stuck in a country which doesn’t share your interest.  What can you do? Well one solution may appear to be the BBC iPlayer, which streams all it’s shows live and archives them to watch later too.   The BBC has one of the best highlight shows on TV for football and it’s called Match of the Day Streamed live on Saturday night and then usually on Sunday night too with Match of the Day 2, you can actually see every Premiership goal and many hours of coverage.

 Watch Match of the Day Abroad

Unfortunately this is where the good news stops, the BBC iPlayer is blocked in all countries outside the United Kingdom. So under normal circumstances you’ll not be able to watch Match of the Day at all as soon as you leave the country.

How to Watch Match of the Day Abroad

Don’t worry though, there is a simple method to enable you to watch Match of the Day abroad – you simply need to change your IP address. By connecting to a UK based VPN server then you’ll have full access to the BBC irrespective of your location. Just watch this video demonstrating how simple it is to watch MotD online.

Just watch the video and you’ll see how easy it is –

There its by using a simple VPN service like Nord VPN you can hide your real IP address and bypass all of the UK only blocks. As soon as you do this, all of the BBC’s online resources are accessible including Match of the Day.

remember though the licensing rights for Match of the Day are fairly restrictive so you’ll have to be quick.  You can watch live on the BBC when the show is being broadcast.  You can also catch it on the BBC iPlayer archive but only for a maximum of seven days unlike 12 months for most other content.


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