This is a not for profit website. We support youths, less privileged than ourselves learn how to find their way around a computer. Proficiency in word processing, touch typing as well as many other applications are improved. We hope that this knowledge will empower them to be productive members of society. The reason we do this is not entirely altruistic. As young leaders of tomorrow we hope to build a large network so that we too may achieve our career goals.

College Students Use Technology to Earn Summer Cash

Entrepreneurial minded college students have recognized these sales as an opportunity to make themselves a bit of cash too.  They are using the internet for more than just senseless chatter.  They are putting it to work and turning a quick profit.  Although it isn’t as popular as it once was, eBay still presents a golden opportunity for these young go-getters to flip unwanted garage sale merchandise by buying low and selling to collectors of all types.  That may be why you see twenty something guys buying up vintage patterns for doll clothes and other such unlikely items.

People collect all sorts of things.  The trick is to put collectors together with the sometimes uncommon items they crave.  Fortunately, it isn’t too hard to figure out what buyers are looking for today.  To begin with, there are websites like this one scattered across the internet that actually devote themselves (or a category at least) to the interesting things that people buy online.  There are also MANY books available that are filled with recommended items to look for when you head out to the yard sales and flea markets in your area.  Finally, eBay itself has recently made itself more convenient to surf.  It now offers the ability to see only the items which have actually sold.  That makes life a LOT easier for sellers who were previously rolling the dice with every garage sale purchase.

Compared to working at a minimum wage job for long hours during the summer, spending a few hours cruising the local sales on the weekend is a breeze.  Even when you account for the time spent listing and shipping their weekend  finds, sellers with a good eye for what will sell can do very well for themselves.  Add a smartphone to the mix and you can check out how well things will sell before you ever spend a penny on inventory.  Without a doubt, this is a way to put technology to work for a very low investment cost.  The excitement of experiencing a treasure hunt every weekend is just an added bonus.


Educational Computer Games – Minecraft

There have been educational games around on computers for years, however there was usually one significant problem with them – they weren’t much fun.  There were a few exceptions of course but on the whole your average educational computer game was just not that appealing to children.   In fact all the games that children like to play online where normally blocked on purpose except to these enterprising souls to mastered hide ip software or proxies, which many did.    But nowadays the situation is much different and in fact one educational based computer game is actually played by millions of children on their own.

The game is called Minecraft and it sets the player in an empty desolate world where they have to explore and collect resources for survival.  The game can actually be highly customised and in an education setting, the scenarios can be developed to focus on learning, team building and other skills.  It’s most popular among the age range 8-11 but older children can play too.  Examples of scenarios that can be played include starting on a desert island and working as a team to survive.


For example players must look for resources to help them survive.  This includes looking for food and something to build shelter for the group.  The computer game can also be used as a practical introduction to computer networks,  setting up the environment for team play across the internet.

It’s proving to be very popular with many schools creating their own courses based on the inexpensive computer software.   Don’t be surprised to see Minecraft classes appear all over Europe and the US, it’s fun, simple to set up and very popular with children.

It’s not difficult to set up across the internet, any computer can act as a server to host the game and then all the other computers can connect directly to the same game.  There’s no real need for proxies, vpns or any real networking knowledge like this

How You Can Watch BBC Iplayer Wherever You Are

Have you noticed the increasing number of websites that are becoming inaccessible?  Once upon a time you could click on pretty much any YouTube video but nowadays.  I was trying to watch a movie clip the other day and I got this message.


I see it more and more, sometimes with more information but very rarely.  The reason is normally due to licensing issues or restrictions, the technology used to block you is called Geotargeting.  The restrictions are based on your IP address – many web sites now look up your location from this.  Sometimes it’s for good things perhaps to customise your experience of their site.  However far more often it’s just used to restrict access to your computer.

For example try and watch something on Hulu when not in the USA and you’ll get blocked, watch the BBC Iplayer outside the UK and the same thing happens. More and more sites are doing this – literally thousands of different websites will only allow you to watch certain things on their sites depending on your location.

Sometimes the lookup gets things wrong, this is because the database which lists all the IP addresses and their locations doesn’t always get updated.  I’ve often managed to watch UK shows from a French hotel because my IP address is incorrectly listed as British.  However this is all a bit haphazard and you certainly can’t rely on this happening.

To ensure you can watch what you like you need to start using VPNs or proxies to obscure your location.  These middle man servers present their own IP address to the web servers when you connect.  Therefore if you select a proxy or VPN in the appropriate country you should be fine to access the sites.
The service I use has lots of servers in different countries in order to make this more accessible.  For example the above site is watchable from Switzerland despite being blocked in the UK.  Connect via a Swiss server and you can watch  the above video with out a problem.

Here’s another example of a VPN/proxy server being used to bypass the blocks on the BBC site - on YouTube.  There’s a great video half way down the page which shows exactly what you need do.   Fortunately the procedure is quite simple and straight forward.

The Internet is Shackled

Blocked and filtered, monitored and restricted – this is the reality of the internet today.  Ever clicked on a particularly funny looking video to be greeted by the message – ’we’re sorry that video is not available in your area’.  When did the internet change like this, it was once open to all, it didn’t matter if you were in a cyber cafe in Karachi, an Airport in Harare or sitting in a Starbucks in London – we all saw the same online, we were all equal.  But that’s not the case any more – commercial interests, government filters and restrictive licensing meant that whatever you see online is highly dependent on where you live.

Mostly it’s GeoTargeting that’s to blame, a website will check which country your IP address is from before deciding on what you can see.  If you don’t believe me check out any media site in a country apart from yours – Non US residents try and watch something on ABC or Hulu, if you’re in  the US go and try to watch something on the BBC Iplayer website.  Put simply it won’t work simply because the internet is now layered in Tiers and not all open to all.

As always though there are work arounds, mainly in the various technologies that can be used to bypass these blocks.  You can use a BBC Iplayer proxy or a VPN to access Hulu and Pandora and it doesn’t really matter where you are - read this.  In fact for internet surfers in most developed countries, a subscription to one of these services is becoming a necessity.

Many services offer access to servers across the world meaning whenever you get blocked you can simply select the appropriate server and you’re back in business. But of course this has meant that slowly the internet is becoming accessible to some and inaccesible to others.  If you can afford one of these subscriptions you’ll be fine but others will have to live with the handicaps.  It’s not really how the internet used to be and I suspect it’s not how most of us wanted it to be!

Students Should Start Investing In College

The earlier you start saving for retirement, the better. There is no debating that fact and far to many people today never get around to it at all. This leaves them having to work well into their 70’s and really struggling to get by late in life. 

I started buying stock when I was in college and it is something I have never regretted. Today that might be difficult for most students as tuitions have skyrocketed and it is hard trying to stay out of debt. But working and putting away even a little bit of money on a regular basis is what every student should be trying to do. 

The Internet has empowered people to be able to have access to all sorts of information and use it to better their lives. For someone young trying to learn how to buy stock in a particular company, they find that it is easier than many of the computer games they play. Buying stocks and building a portfolio can all be done right from your home laptop and even an iPad if that is all you have. Once you open a broker account, buying and selling stocks takes place any time of day over the Internet. It is easy, quick, and virtually anyone can do it. Most importantly though, everyone should learn how to invest in the stock market because that is the best way to build a retirement nest egg. 

Kids today learn to use the computer just about as quickly as they learn to talk. Investing now days is done online and it should be taught to all kids, the earlier the better. They need to learn that we all have to provide for our own retirement and not rely on the government. With the easy accessibility of the financial markets online, every one is on equal footing and anyone can learn how to participate in stocks which are the best way right now to grow your money. 

How to Change Your Virtual Location

Whenever you connect to the internet, your physical location makes a big difference to your experience.  For example when you use a search engine like Bing or Google have you ever noticed how it brings you in answers that are relevant to your location.  So if you typed in local plumbers you won’t get a list from the other side of the world or a completely different continent.

The reason is that the search engine has looked up your location when you connected, then provided results based on that location.  Mostly this is a positive experience because it brings you useful results that are based in your area.  The locations are not always perfect but generally they do a reasonable job.

So How Does This Happen?

Well basically when you connect to any web site, you make a direct connection from your PC to the web server hosting the site.  This allows the web server to access your IP address, which is tied individually to your computer uniquely.  This address can be looked up using a big database to see where it is located.  Now at this stage the IP address won’t give your exact location and address (although it can be used for this), just your specific location based on your ISP.

So for a search engine this is generally fine, after all it’s unlikely you want results based on Japan if you live in London.  Where it gets annoying is when you get blocked or rerouted simply because of your location by other websites.  For example if you’ve ever had that message on Youtube – ‘not available in your country’, or been blocked from watching something on Hulu or BBC Iplayer because you’re in the wrong country.

This is when it’s best to take control of your digital location and make it work for your.   Here’s an example of how someone is hiding their real IP address so they can watch BBC Iplayer abroad by switching to a UK IP Address such as this.

What they are doing is actually hiding their real location from the website they are visiting and instead relaying the connection through another server (proxies).  This means that the website only sees the location of the proxy server rather than yours, when you additionally use software with the ability to switch proxies it means you can change your location at will.

It’s also much more secure to relay your connection through another trusted server,  as well as allowing you hide your location it also means you can encrypt your connection too.  Using the right tools, you can bounce your connection through something like a secure Russian server like this, without affecting performance and ensuring nobody can access any of your data.


Student Harnesses His College Computers to Mine Money

Not real money of course, but a version of the digital currencies that seem to be always in the news at the moment. A student who has not been named in Imperial College London, one of the UK’s top Universities has been sneakily setting up all the computers to mine dogecoins for his account.

The cryptocurrency is one tipped to one day replace bitcoins and become the ipso facto standard for digital currency, although it should be added there are quite a few of those! Mining refers to the act of solving computer algorithms which earn the user dogecoin credits. It’s normally not worth mining many of these currencies as normally the costs of the cpus and electricity used are more than the value of the currency mined. However obviously if someone else is paying all the bills, then the economics of it change drastically.

It’s the second report we’ve seen of these sort of events although I’m sure there are many more. In Harvard somebody tied up the college’s supercomputer – Odyssey to do exactly the same thing. Obviously there is a huge problem for college’s with the events as the computers are effectively not available to other students for more legitimate uses. As many have found college computer resources are often not entirely used for their specified purpose.

The student in Imperial has now been banned from using the research computing facilities for the foreseeable future – the college issued a statement that such uses was strictly forbidden. Unfortunately for the student involved his 30,000 Dogecoins that he has produced using this method will hardly be sufficient reward – they are currently worth approximately £20!

Video Story Source:

Using Technology While Travelling

Unsurprisingly many people now take laptops or tablets away with them when travelling. Mainly because for many of us the internet is a pretty much essential part of our lives, Think of it, we pay our bills, arrange our finances, plan our leisure time and a hundred other things all online. The advantage is that this doesn’t need to stop when we go travelling as long as we have an internet connected device with us.

For most people that means using wifi services when we travel. There’s no end of places where for the price of a coffee or beer you can hook up to the internet. Great for checking out where you want to eat that night or to make sure you’ve paid that cable bill on time.

But this is not without it’s drawbacks and risks, any wifi network you use could potentially intercept or log whatever you do online. So it’s better to do things like check your online banking using more established wifi set ups. The problem is that the little bar on the end of the street may serve great beer but what do they know about securing a Wifi access point? Whether there’s bad intentions or merely lack of security knowledge your data can be at risk.

One potential solution is to utlisise a security program like a VPN or SSH connection whilst you travel. Most companies who operate internationally will normally provide their employees with such program in order to connect safely back to the corporate network. These connections are encrypted between the two endpoints and therefore not at risk to rogue or malicious wifi networks.

If you are not lucky enough to have one to use through your employment there are lots of services which you can subscribe to for a small cost. Most can be hired on a monthly basis too enabling you to protect your connection for a very small amount of cash. It is essential you pick a well run one though as other wise your browsing and internet speed could be very slow.

Check this video out for an example –

Which demonstrates what routes you can take to maximise the speed of your connection whilst online. There are other advantages to using this sort of software whilst abroad – you can for instance use it to hide your IP address and access content not normally available in your location. For example many use it to watch things like the BBC, ITV or Hulu from anywhere in the world – here’s a demonstration video.

Overall there are some advantages to using a VPN to protect your connection when travelling but as always common sense is the most important factor. Be careful which networks you use, always select the most trustworth available. If you think there’s something wrong, don’t connect – simply wait and anohter access will soon be avaliable.

Accessing Facebook – Is it a Basic Human Right?

Much has been spoken over what rights we have to access the internet, however it is becoming a very real issue. Whether you can log onto your Facebook account might sound a rather flippant issue with regards human rights but too many people it really is that important.

A couple of years ago I was living in Turkey, a modern, secular country with a fairly relaxed attitudes to most things. But politics change and in Turkey there is a growing power of religious parties, who have a much less relaxed view towards the internet than most of the population. There have been a series of court cases and lots of lobbying for a huge number of websites to be blocked inside the country. For example the atheist author Richard Dawkin’s website was blocked for some time (indeed I think it still is) because he published a review ridiculing a book on creationism that stated the world was a few thousand years old.

Now whatever your politics or religion, the reason so many people are keen on a secular government is that no one religion can define what you can or can’t do based on their own beliefs. The idea that a religious leader has decided that no one in Turkey should be able to access a book review is quite clearly ridiculous. But the issue can become even more complicated when you look at media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. These sites are incredibly popular because they are pretty much open to everyone, people are allowed to speak their mind and say what they like. That will obviously lead to some people being offended, but can you block an entire site like this?

Facebook has been blocked in Turkey for a few weeks, I believe it was due to someone publishing some of the Muslim cartoons that caused such controversy. Fortunately it’s not blocked now, but the black list of sites blocked in Turkey grows every year – the majority due to pressures from fundamentalists in positions of power. You don’t need it at the moment, but you never know when it might change so here’s a Facebook proxy method which costs nothing and works virtually anywhere -

The problem is that the most popular sites on the internet usually are havens for free speech. You might not agree with much of what is said on them, but that’s only natural we don’t always hold the same views. Censorship of these sort of sites, will only lead further down the dark road of filtering and control that countries like China and Iran take part in.

Develop Your Skills Using the Internet

Sometimes when I look at my kids sitting for hours playing some online computer game, I start to think they really don’t appreciate the amazing resource they have at their disposal.  In the mid 90′s I started to teach internet computer classes in the evenings and the adults were truly amazed at what they saw.  Sure it was slow but we could look at web pages hosted thousands of miles away, we could talk to people on the other side of the planet using our keyboard and collaborate with anyone – anywhere.

Of course some people actively use the internet every day for personal development.   Universities and educators operate on a global level now, information can be transferred with amazing speed  not just via periodicals slowly published by professional bodies.  In fact it is perfectly possible for the lay person to get access to pretty much the same level of information as a graduate at a top university preparing their PHD.

What I try and do with younger children is to slowly introduce more interesting web sites and how they can incorporate them into their learning.  Take for instance language skills – if you are learning a foreign language  why not try and watch your favorite show in that language once in a while.  It works amazingly well especially if you pick an episode you are familiar with.  My eldest child watches episodes of the Simpsons on the French media site called M6 Replay for example.

Anyone learning English is of course spoilt for choice but may I recommend investing in a VPN or proxy service so you can access Iplayer abroad – like this -   Here you can find some wonderful shows for kids and the English is generally spoken without strong accents and broadcast in top quality.  You can even watch and download High definition versions if your internet connection is up to it, here’s a useful video demonstration of the procedure.

The video is also accessible directly on Youtube here.

The internet is full of such examples and possibilities, often for free to develop your skills in any area you can think of, it is a truly a wonderful resource for the children of today if we use it wisely.

Literacy and Language Skills on the Web

If you’re loooking to learn a new language then the internet is an unrivalled resource.  You can access lots of online information and lessosn without having to spend a penny on expensive courses and tutors.  Obviously interaction with a native speaker is essential to developing your skills further but there’s no doubt the internet can get you a long way on a study of language.

One of my favorite resources is available on one of the best sites on the world wide web the BBC Website.  There’s nothing quite like it for sheer breadth of content and there’s lots of language lessons available for free too.  This is the languages page where you can access the online lessons for a host of different language from French to Chinese -  For younger students the Bitesize range has a selection of basic language skills – these can also be used for people to new to the English language to develop their knowledge.

If you are learning a new language ther’s also a host of opportunity for practice to be found on the many media sites on the web.  When I was learning French I found watching my favorite shows on the M6 Replay media channel helped a lot.   Listening to dubbed French when watching the Simpsons really helps your language knowledge and makes it fun to learn.  Unfortunately many of these web sites are restricted by location – i.e. you have to be in France to watch M6 Replay, USA to watch Hulu etc.  However it is possible to bypass the geolocation blocks by using a proxy or VPN server. This page shows the technique – BBC Iplayer on my Ipad, but it’s relevant for PCs, Laptops and any country in the world.

If you prefer video demonstrations then you might prefer this-

You can also watch it directly on Youtube if you prefer – How to Set up a VPN on an iPAD

It would be nice if these media sites opened up their content to  the world however that seems unlikely in the short term.  But there is no doubt if you look around the internet and use a couple of inexpensive proxy services you c an track down some awesome language resources online.

What’s the Future of Education Online?

In the early days of the web, everything was pretty much free and accessible to all. To some extent this is still the case, at least in many sectors but things are starting to change rapidly.  There are growing examples that instead of a huge repository of knowledge the internet is rapidly morphing into a huge virtual shopping mall.  What’s worse it seems that many of these Malls have strict entrance restrictions – you can only come in if you’re from the US, or using a certain browser etc.  There is a huge branch of ’restrictive technology’ being developed simply to block, censor and filter websites.

Education is one of those areas that is bucking this trend, at least for now.  Online classrooms and virtual lessons are appearing over the internet, sponsored by educational establishments across the world.  At the moment you can even sign on for free at a class run from Harvard, Princetown or Cambridge University in the UK.  World class education, for free available to anyone without restriction – well for the moment anyway.  It is believed that this model won’t stay in this altruistic mode for long, but at least we can enjoy it while it does.

It is difficult to see who is to blame, but certainly the free market and profit incentive looks at the core of this change.  We are increasingly seeing profit maximising models being applied to some of the best sites on the web.  One of the easiest to spot is the price discrimination techniques adopted by many of the webs biggest media sites.  This is an economic technique designed to maximise profits and involves charging different prices to different markets.  In the real world this is fairly easy as you can use geographical boundaries, a company will charge one price for it’s goods in India, then a higher price in Europe where there is more money available.

With the internet this is more difficult to operate as we are all connected to the ’same internet’ irrespective of our location.  But the media companies have implemented special technology called geotargeting which does split the market.  The website basically determines your location from your IP address, and then you are offered different products and prices dependent on this.  For example the media streaming company Netflix operates globally but has a host of different services tailored to different countries.  You can watch Netflix in Canada and have a completely different set of media than in the US. Incidentally you can bypass these blocks and to some extent control your own internet connection - see this website for details – or watch this video if you prefer.

It’s also available directly from YouTube here - How to Get American Netflix.  It basically involves hiding your real location and supplying a false one as required.

Hopefully education will be the exception to this profit maximising model that seems to be determining the future of the net.  It is difficult to see how the vast investment required to supply  these resources can be raised without the profit motive though.

The Power Of Online Presence

It can be tough trying to find your footing online. If you’re a company that lacks the expertise to get your site noticed online, you might want to seek help from an SEO company.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is how you tailor your business’s site and online presence to become more noticeable. Any good SEO company will be able to find the strengths and weaknesses your company’s site has and be able to boost your ranking.

If you’ve no clue what it meant by ranking, just go and make a quick search on your preferred website. You’ll notice how the most applicable result is listed firstly. Your search term, also known as a keyword, means that a certain website which is known for those terms and deemed as most appropiate was shown to you first.

If you were a company trying to get to that number one spot for the same search term and didn’t know how to, the SEO company would come in and show you how.

The online market for using the best keywords is very competitive. Imagine how many similar companies there are to compete against in your area. Now imagine how that can be expanded nationally, and even globally. That’s how hard it is to rank well online. You won’t have the resources to pump thousands in to bidding for higher relevance on a search engine, so let an SEO figure out what the best approach for you to take is.


These companies excel at finding the right niche for your company to slip in to online. There might be a new way to advertise your site that you’ll never have thought of. There could be a whole network of like-minded people out there looking for your product but you’ll never know. SEOs go out there and make sure you’re reaching the right people with the best content.

How My Daughter Loves Computer Too Much

Compare to my old time, kids nowdays seem to know more about computer than I did. My seventeen years old daughter spends almost ten hours in front of computer. I do not even want to know what she is doing in there. Well maybe the internet has some magic spell for the teenagers. When I am asking my daughter why she spends so much time in front of the internet she just says she searches for something.

Teenager seems to have high curiosity about everything. In my days, I just used computer when I needed to do my task from school. Never more than that. But my daughter seems to stick together with it almost all the time. Well I do not concern about what she is doing as long as it still normal. I means, if a seventeen years old wants to know more about fashion and beauty, then let her be.

I do not want to be what she calls “Mrs. Old Fashion” because of my strict prohibition.  Well at least it comes in handy when I am asking where I can find the cheapest automatic cat feeder for her cat. Since she does not have time to feed it anymore. It is not wrong to spend a lot of time in front of internet as long as in positive ways.

Games Can Be Educational Too

I am often surprised about the computer games my children play.   For one I would have expected them mostly to be playing games with amazing graphics, immersive sounds and digitized soundtracks.  Instead many parents are peering over their children’s shoulders and seeing a game that looks like it has a 1980s graphics engine behind it.  I’m talking about a game called Minecraft that many of our children are completely obsessed with.

It’s a building game, using blocks and to say it wouldn’t look out of place on a Sinclair Spectrum is not really exaggerating.  The game involves creating structures and houses, places to live, places to admire and of course places to defend from zombie attacks.  It’s a huge virtual world consisting of lots of different basic materials like sand, wood, metals etc.  You can use these raw materials as building blocks or refine them to make othe materials for constructing.

Minecraft now is a phenomenon, a game that has risen in popularity almost everywhere on the planet.  The numbers playing this quirky construction game are now over 33 million – mainly boys aged 9 -16 (of course not exclusively male but the vast majority are).

But for those of us who have minecraft obsessed kids there is hope, you see it’s supposedly educational.  The game is thought to be an excellent introduction to computer programming as it can be custommised using custom code written by users.  Even navigating throughout the world involves inputting codes and instructions on a command line using it’s own built in operating system.

Schools everywhere are starting to use minecraft as an inexpensive teaching resource.  In the UK, the Ordnance Survey have just completed a complete map of the United Kingdom using Minecraft again available for educational use.   You can download the map for free although you’ll need a computer with about 4Gb worth of disk space and plenty of RAM to run it properly.  There was a TV program about this project in the BBC last week – which you should be able to access using Iplayer and a British IP address.  Here’s a web page explaining the process if you need help.

This video – BBC Iplayer also available on YouTube.

Simply put many of the skills children use when playing minecraft are easily transferable into the world of IT and computers.  It’s one game we probably should be encouraging our children to play more often.

Teaching your Kids about Peace

Teaching your child about peace can be one of the greatest accomplishments you will have as a parent. However, once you have taught your child it can be very difficult for them to remember your teaching in day to day life. Therefore in this article we are going to be talking about ways you can help your kids remember the peaceful ideas you have taught them. 

The first way you can help your kids remember to keep peace is to leave them with some sort of symbol of your teachings. For example you could give your child a ring or necklace that helps them remember what you taught them. That way when they are led astray and are making a poor decision they can look at their ring or necklace and remember what you taught them. A great example of this is used by members of the Mormon Church. They have a ring called a CTR Ring that stands for choose the right. This reminds the wearer that they should always choose the right decision no matter what. You want to give your children a similar object that can help steer them the right way.

In closing it is all our duty to do our best to teach peace and be peaceful ourselves. If we all decide to be peaceful today then we can help change the World for our children for years to come.

Stress impacts the ability to learn new skills

Specialists and doctors are discussing the crucial importance that relaxation and a stress-free childhood can play in childs ability to learn and develop new skills. In short term – we can work harder and with greater intensity and under high stress and short deadlines, however repeated too often this usually can lead to injuries, poorer health, low mental and physical abilities. Several studies show that stress’ negatively impacts memory and intelligence that can have an enormous consequences in future. Especially if stress happens in childhood. This can even result in various health and mental problems or disfunctions as well as lower the capacity and ability of learning. Children should be protected from stress and live a happy, relaxed life as every single nervous breakdown can reduce his learning abilities to learn and gain new skills. 

Therefore, time by time we all need a little break from work or studies. Nature not only heals, it inspires and helps you in your skill development. If you are under constant stress your working ability and skills may suffer. It is suggested to relax time by time and maybe go for one of those famous Spa breaks in Scotland where you can take a step back and have an uninterrupted quality time with yourself, friends or family.  As mentioned in one of best Latvian travelling blogs – Scotland seems like the perfect place for a quality time with family – you can go camping in nature, take a boat ride, hike in mountains or just have a great time in spa procedures, classes or jacuzzi. In order to improve your skills and focus – dont forget to have a plenty of sleep and time in nature. When going to Scotland – take your kids with you, so that they can enjoy the naturality and beauty that is not possible in a busy city life, they will say thanks when they are older!

Youth Computer Labs

I have a good friend who owns a wine gift baskets business and one of the charities that he supports from his business, is pretty cool.  They partially fund a program in Berkeley California that gives computer lab time to less advantaged kids.  The reasons behind it are simple, computer literacy is the first thing that you need in order to get a better job. Most poor kids, only get a few hours per week in school.  While that can be enough time to learn to type pretty well, it isn’t enough time to do something as important as learn Excel. Learning those complex programs, like Excel can only happen with literally hours of time on the computer.  In fact, there is an entire theory that to be proficient at anything, it takes about ten thousand hours.  If you only get an hour a day, that’s an awfully long time, right?

Develop Computer Skills with PaymentBot

A new internet application called PaymentBot is now available and makes a great way for youth to develop their computer tech skills

Some resources are very important in the world that people live in today. They include websites such as the very popular PaymentBot. This online website is one of the most popular online resources providing useful financial instruments such as loan payment calculators. It also comes with important information that can aide customers or borrowers understand the need for important resources and useful aides that can help with the loan. Borrowing loans needs an understanding of the costs involved. This means understanding and appreciating the special features such as the different calculators needed for the different loans.

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Computer Skills in the Classroom

When I was young, computer technology wasn’t really taught properly in schools.  There were many problems but one of the most fundamental was there was no-one able to teach the subject.  Computer classes were usually ended up the responsibillity of the maths teacher presumably because that was the closest subject  they could find.   There was little chance of learning much, when your teacher knows sllightly less about the subject that you do.

Certainly  there was little hope of learning any real computer skills, but at least we got the chance of some exposure at a subject that was very, very new (yes I am that old!).  It wasn’t until Advanced level that I actually learnt anything about computers within the education system but by  that time most of us had learnt plenty from computer clubs and magazines.

In the UK even now some 30 years later there is a problem with the way which our schools teach computer technology.  In my son’s school for example a moderatelt successful comprehensive, there is not a single teacher capable of teaching any level of computer programming.  Just like many years ago the ICT curriculum is dominated by word processing, DTP, spreadsheets and databases.  In reality,  the latter two are largely ignored too with pupils spending hours producing simple posters, documents or graphics.  Oh and of course the dreaded – internet research skills.

There is no mention of networks, of coding or how computers actually work and communicate with each other. None of the teachers are qualified or seem to have the skills in these areas.  The skills they are taught are useful to a point but they do seem to be focussed on secretarial rather than developing real valuable computer skills with a real world value.

It’s not the teachers fault of course, if you look at the curriculum there is simply no need to teach pupils the fundamentals of programming for instance.  It’s very heavily weighted to producing posters and documents, skills that my generation just picked up as they went along.  There’s really little point spending weeks on end producing documents in order to justify an ICT slot in school.  Our children could be walking out of school at 16 with Java, Networking or HTML design skills instead they know how to type a document and make a newsletter.

I recently tried to explain to a group of kids how I was able to watch British TV online when I was on holiday using a proxy server.  None of them had even the slightest idea how these devices communicate and certainly not how a proxy could relay my connection through the UK.  If you’re missing the BBC when abroad by the way – then check this out.

They were interested and engaged but you could tell they had no real knowledge in the area.

There needs to be a real change in how we teach technology in our schools, our current approach is just not going to cut it in the modern world.  I’m sure Chinese kids won’t be walking out of school with a few posters and a basic insight in how to use Microsoft Word.

Computer Skills in the 21st Century

One of the reasons so many organizations are starting to focus almost exclusively on computer skills came up the other day when I saw multiple small businesses in my local community running Square on their cell phones to take orders.

Square, if you are not aware is a software solution which allows people to accept credit cards without going through the multiple month long process and $500+ payment of getting a credit card machine from a local bank.  Their rates are even equivalent, so there isn’t a down side for the business.

For someone looking for an entry level retail job without any computer experience though, this isn’t a good thing.  Now, there is more to learn and more to know than just making an ice cream cone, you now have to have some computer experience to even run a cash register!

What Should We Censor on the Web

There’s a huge debate online about the future of the internet.  In it’s infancy one of the most important concepts about the web was that it was completely open and not controlled by any single power.  In those early days that was pretty much fine, whilst a few of us connected using our 14.4k modems and used geeky tools like Archie, Gophur and Telnet to navigate our way around the various web sites that were available.

But those days have long gone now, the web is big business and is much easier to use.  Sit a toddler down at an online computer and point them at a games web page and pretty soon they’ll be surfing aways around the internet whilst playing Pacman in a minimized window.   The web is not truly global and for many has become an intrinsic part of our every day lives.

But this of course makes people nervous, the web is not always used for nice stuff.  Sure you can do your online banking and search for the cheapest utility prices, whilst chatting to your friends.  But bad people also use the web – criminals, thieves, hackers and paedophiles all have their own online communities.  You can visit web sites were people openly buy and sell stolen credit and debit cards, all hosted in some far off land where the police will happily turn a blind eye.  The bad guys love the web too.

In countries like China and Iran, the ruling powers are also not overly keen on the ’free speech’ element it allows.  Places like this already have a heavily filtered and censored version of the internet, the authorities blocking access to discussions and topics they’d rather you not view.  The reality is that in countries like this, someone else has control about what you can do online.

In Iceland for example the ruling government has decided that they don’t want people to acccess pornography online, you can read here about their efforts.  You might agree with this stance, however again it is allowing a government to decide what ordinary people should be allowed to use the web for.  Remember governments come and go, each one with different ideologies and beliefs.  Is the next Government going to be religious and ban all access to gay or atheists sites for example.

Also Available on YouTube - Online Privacy.

There are of course some serious technical difficulties with controlling access to something as widely distributed as the internet.  Many believe that it is actually technically impossible for any one nation to control all access without blocking the internet completely and replacing it.  It is why such filtering that the Icelandic Government are contemplating is such a bad idea.  People who want to download such items will simply use proxies and VPNs to download their pornography, including the criminal stuff.  In effect you’ll only censor the people who don’t mind being censored, all the while slowing down access for everyone.

We all have our own opinions on these issues, but whatever yours it’s worth getting involved with the debate.  All countries are considering their options so make sure your opinions get heard is filtering is to be implemented at an ISP near you.

Video article on Obtaining a Fake IP Address.


Today Computer Is The Best Adviser

You might think you can find out what nasty things and everything you need to be overcome when no one can tell you what should you do and decide whether to accept them. For illustration you need an advice to get the best bag for your sister as a present on her birthday. Okay, you now have a computer. There it is in front of you, and you’re sitting in front of it, looking at a page on the World Wide Web.

You have learned how to use your computer to browse through the Information Highway which is the Internet, and to find this and other pages on a bewildering array of topics. Just visit , to get a lot of information and choices of bag when you apply the things you’ve read about here, even though confusing in the beginning, will start to feel manageable before long. Do not forget that you aren’t Superman; you can’t do everything all at once. It is essential to identify the most significant goals you have and make those the short term objectives that you are working toward.

A Different Way To Avoid The Freshman 15

Ask almost any college student if they experienced the “Freshman 15”, and there is most likely a resounding “yes” as an answer to that question.  This well-known phenomenon occurs to most students who go away to school and live in a dorm.  Why?  There are a lot of reasons why this happens.  

For a lot of students, the school cafeterias offer an all-you-can-eat style buffet with an assortment of different foods to suit your specific mood.  Couple this with collegiate-style partying which includes mass quantities of beer and alcohol and little time to exercise, and most students will gain fifteen pounds or more during their freshman year of college.  Students who take online courses, however, don’t typically have this problem.  Not only do they manage to avoid the party animal mentality, but they manage to stay healthy and fit as well.  

Perhaps, then, distance learning through an online education can be a great way to get your college degree and avoid gaining unwanted pounds.  Add a workout routine to your school work, and you have a recipe for success in maintaining a healthy physique.  While you are online, read some workout plan reviews to determine which ones will meet your needs the best.  

A good review to read is the insanity workout review, as it can be a wonderful, comprehensive workout program that is condensed into the little time students usually have between their social lives and their studies.  You should be able to squeeze in a high intensity workout and still have time for your online classes, all the while avoiding the freshman 15.  You will be the fittest, best looking college freshman around, no questions asked!


Making Use of the Web

Making good use of the internet is a great way to expand your knowledge, earn money and improve your job prospects. Most employers these days will look favourably upon computer skills and internet experience and there are many ways to gain that to bulk up your CV.

One way is by starting a blog and keeping at it. You can gain more followers by interacting with other bloggers and using social media sites to publicise your posts and when you start to get a regular following and readership they will help to spread the word too. By posting relevent, popular topics you will be able boost the performance of your page.

You will then be able to use this as an example to any potential employers and show them that you are capable of reaching your target audience. By having this evidence in front of you will be able to make much more of an impression on the interviewers.

Checking out a range of succesful blogs and seeing how they engage with their followers as well as seeing what topics prove to be the most popular will help set you up to make a good attemt at it. See here for some examples of succesful blogging.

In a time when most jobs are hotly contested it is important that you go as prepared as you can be.


How Your Computer Experience and Skills Can Make You’re a Fortune with Gardening


Being tech savvy is not a one dimensional gift. In fact, if you are good with a computer, those skills can translate over to your gardening in a number of very positive ways. That is, provided you have a garden. If you do not, then the following information may surprise you: You can easily make hundreds of dollars, or possibly even thousands, each year by using a greenhouse. So if you do not already plant your own fruits and veggies, stop forking over your money to the local grocery store and start collecting the money of customers.

How Tech and Green Go Hand in Hand

How can having computer skills possibly help a gardener? Well, first off, it can help you to find all the best tips and secrets to planting, which will in turn allow you to ensure that your garden thrives. Secondly, you can start a web page for your garden. This may sound like a silly idea at first, but think of it this way; how many of your friends us the internet? Chances are, almost all of them. The people in your town are no different; chances are, many of them look for local farmer’s markets, and if you have a good enough web site, they may just come knocking on your door looking to buy some of your fruits and veggies as well.

How to Buy

Buying a greenhouse is usually the only hard part of starting your garden, and not because greenhouses are difficult to come by. In fact, they are actually quite common. The hard part will be in finding the greenhouse that is right for you. There are so many options out there, greenhouses for sale can become a confusing, jumbled mess for you. The most important thing is that you take a deep breath, and consider your property before diving head first in to a purchase. Buying a greenhouse means that you need enough property to properly house the greenhouse; if your property is too small, you will quickly find town officials knocking on your door asking you to remove it. So take some time. Measure your property, then look online to find greenhouses that fall under the allotted space that you have to fit one. Check classifieds for deals, but don’t purchase until you are certain.  


Determining Web Design Prices: Early IT Development for Teenagers

Web design prices for blogs can be incredibly cheap or it can also be ridiculously expensive but if you want your son or daughter to develop their IT skills early on then this is something you need to consider. After all, the world is slowly being run by computers so it is important for teenagers to develop IT skills early and one of the best ways to do this is to set up their own blog.

The Early Obstacles

At first, people get enthusiastic with the low initial costs. The common cost for a domain name these days is roughly $10. Upon seeing such prices most teenagers feel confident to pursue this endeavor only to start hitting one wall after another. First they’ll stumble upon the costs for yearly hosting, which can reach up to $200. Unless they have a part time job they won’t be able to sustain that except if they opt for blogging platforms with free hosting.

The Big Hurdle

The real issue though is with the web design prices. Even for a simple blog the base web design prices could cost at least a few hundred dollars. That is for a static website with no logo design, Flash integration, and special plug-ins. That might sound like a lot, especially for young teenagers just eager to get started, but there are ways around it.

Teenagers can instead work with free platforms like WordPress. These platforms will still require some work to get the most out of them, especially with minor upgrades and some design customization, but they are the cheapest a teenager can afford.

Easier, Affordable Solutions

As mentioned above, teens need to get acquainted with the online world as soon as possible. With pretty much every business nowadays already focusing on online business models, it is a good idea to introduce basic web design and blogging. Web design prices might be a bit too high for a young teen but there are things you can do to keep the costs low.

How To Get Jobs Online

Nowadays getting job online is increasingly popular, as popular as the use of automatic dog feeder with timer.There are many great opportunities, offered by legitimate and stable companies that are seeking for candidates that can help the firm to develop. If you have been searching for an online job, you are probably aware that there are also many scams out there Online job crimes especially scams the real fact so before you decide to apply in a company, make sure you know the profile of the company well.

When applying for an online job, use a general resume that only includes your first and last name, a phone number and email address for them to contact you. Leave your home address off, or use a post office box number instead of a real street address. Try to keep looking for another opportunitis and don’t only stuck in one site, because you have a lot of chance to get a perfect work for you.

Why People Mask their IP Address

Everything you do online is based on one important piece of information, your IP address.  This is your number on the internet and at any one point in time is unique to you and you alone.  The full name is Internet Protocol address and you’ve probably seen this series of numbers like  In fact every single device, every laptop,phone or tablet has an IP address when it’s connected to the internet.

The address is used by lots of people online in a variety of ways.  In places like China and Iran, your IP adddress might lead to a knock on the door by the police if you post the wrong thing online.  In any country, what do you online can be traced back to your computer using this address.  Logs are stored all across the internet in the memory of routers, at your ISP or the logs of the web sites you visit – all of them contain your unique IP address.

Of course unless you live in a place like Iran and are not some sort of cyber criminal – then perhaps this is not a concern for you.   Many people of course are concerned by this lack of privacy and even people in democratic nations are concerned about the lack of privacy there is online.  These people and of course those with something to hide will generally use proxy servers to hide behind a fake ip and keep in the shadows.

Other people will use these servers to hide their IP address for other reasons.  Sometimes web sites block access to people outside a specific country.  Take for example popular media site like Hulu, will only allow access to their site if you have an American IP address.  Many videos uploaded on YouTube are only accessible from specific locations again based on the IP address you are using.

In reality a whole host of people are learning about and using VPNs and proxy servers for a wide variety of reasons.  It’s not just hackers and dissident protesting against despotic regimes.  It’s also worth investigating this area if you’re running any sort of online business as multiple IP addresses may be useful for market research and promoting your web sites.

Getting To Grips With USB Data Recovery

Most people use some sort of USB storage device to hold their data. They are extremely easy to use and the cost has gone down over the past few years to make it very convenient to use this as a backup solution for your important photos, videos, and documents. These devices range from USB keys to USB pen to even USB External Hard Drives and your important files can be accessed just by using the USB port of any computer. Over the years in my various jobs in IT, when neededing a driver installed on a certain device, I would put it onto my USB stick and transfer the data into each server.  Easy peasy!

Unfortunately USB devices can and will break at some point, you might delete or misplace files, or the files might get corrupted in some way, especially if you do not eject them from the computer correctly.  The good news is that there are ways to recover and restore your data stored on your USB device, but the best way is to have a Data Recovery plan. If you do not have a good plan for backing up your data and you lose it for any reason, one of your options is free recovery software or pay for inexpensive software. Remember, as with nearly everything else in life – you get what you pay for!

The way this software works is really very simple; it scans the device and lists the files that are recoverable. Hopefully the ones that you are looking for are on that list. You can then restore to your Hard Drive or the USB device. I prefer to restore to the HD first so that I can ensure the USB device is still working correctly.

Another option is a USB Data Recovery service; you may need to go this route if can’t recover the files yourself using the above steps.


Training New Chiropractors

So I was talking to a San Diego chiropractor the other day and I told him a bit about this site-his response was enthusiastic.  He has a couple of interns typically working in his office so he understands the need to educate the next generation-plus he told me that minority communities are becoming even less served by the chiropractic establishment because of changes in insurance coverage.  Of course given that almost all chiropractors are upper middle class white males, it is important to have functions in the indsutry to bring in new talent don’t you think?

Chiropractic college is really, really expensive and getting internships is another challenge.  Let’s bring these two things together for the good of everyone!

New Internet Savings Application

An interest calculator can help you compute the interest calculator rates on borrowed money like for a mortgage. When you borrow from a financial institution, the interest pays them back for the privilege of borrowing. It is crucial to know this rate. Many banks only give you a quote which is not the actual amount you will pay. They are trying to make their offer sound appealing.

Deceptive Tactics Lenders Use

One deceptive tactic banks use to make their offer seem appealing is points on a real estate loan. Points are a kind of interest. They quote they give you doesn’t consider this. If you refinance your house in the future, these points make a difference. The very low teaser rate is another tactic. For example, when you purchase a vehicle, the payments will be low the first few months and can triple. The worst of the lenders are the payday loan companies. They only quote you a dollar amount. Their interest can be as much as 500 %. Credit cards commonly offer 0% interest for six months if you transfer a debt to them. However, if you are late with a payment toward the end of the term, they can charge 25% interest.

An interest calculator will reveal the true rates. All you do is input your monthly payment and the total you will be paying each month. There are also versions that let you compute compound interest.

Whether you are buying a vehicle or house, it is wise to know what you are going to be paying. These calculators can help you compare rates among various lenders. They are beneficial in protecting you against deceptive practices.

How Typing Helps Service Professionals

plumberFinding your way around a computer gets more and more important by the day.  Even certain service industries absolutely need to have some type of computer skills, if for no other reason than to return emails and be able to communicate effectively with customers, or at least potential customers.

I talked to the guys at the San Francisco Plumber Directory and asked them what they thought about plumbers who didn’t use a computer.  I chose plumbers because it is one indsutry that doesn’t require any type of education in order to be licensed.  They said quite simply that those type plumbers were going to be a dying breed, or at least they were going to have to work for a larger company and never by themselves.  Since working for yourself is where you make real money as a plumber, it sounds like a real glass ceiling is probably in place!

Rasperry Pi Donation By Google

Google has just announced that it is to donate over 15,000 microcomputers to schools across the United Kingdom and Ireland (check this) .  They have set up an organisation called the Raspberry Pi Foundation which is donating the innovative Raspberry Pi mini computer.  They hope to inspire the younger generation into careers as programmers, developers and other technology areas.

The Raspberry Pi is a wonderful little invention which has already been extremely successful.

It’s basically just a pared down computer sold on a card no bigger than your credit card for a cut down price.  It has a tiny CPU, 256 MB Ram and even a Video GPU.  It’s probably similar to a Pentium 3 in todays processing power, but obviously needs external disk drives, monitors and other peripherals.

The idea is that the device is cheap and affordable and helps people learn more about the technology underlying modern day computers.  The problems todays younger generations have is that although they are adept at using the latest technology, they rarely understand it.   When I grew up computers were much harder to use, you had to have some programming knowledge to get them to work.  The hours spent typing in computer programs was tedious at times but at least you learnt something.

Of course this generous donation won’t be much use without specialist teachers who can use these devices in their classrooms. Fortunately Google is also sponsoring some ICT Teacher training also as part of this release.  The standard of ICT teaching in the UK has been very limited, mainly restricted to using applications rather than any programming or network skills.  My own son informed me his own teacher had little knowledge outside spreadsheets and word processors.  He would have to look up infomration is anything like programming, macros, or this site to check on proxies - or other networking information.

Teach To Inspire

Using computers and modern technology to help disadvantaged youths have a better chance in life anf understand the consequences of anti social behaviour is an idea that can really make a difference.

Getting the funding to take group trips and other such things is beyond the means of most programmes so being able to let people ’see the world’ through the computer screen and get an idea of different cultures as well as seeing places that they can aspire to get to. Seeing areas of natural beauty can also show what antisocial behaviour, littering and pollution might effect.

Being able to see these things and having the opportunity to broaden their horizons can inspire and influence positive change and give these people the opportunity to choose the right paths in life and avoid situations that may present themselves that could ruin their lives. By educating the youth in this manner they can have a positive effect on their peers hopefully creating a knock on effect of better attitudes.

Such sites as this here, help to show that with hard work and the right attitude you can get to places like this and get a good job. It also helps to promote the idea of getting out into the country and living a more active lifestyle which can lead to better long term health for them as well. 

The initial cost for the technology to do this can be affordable by shopping about, getting deals and looking for reconditioned computers so is manageable as a soloution for antisocial behaviour and helping disadvantaged youths.


Getting Out From Behind the Computer

a toddler typingSo anyone working in an industry where they spend a ton of time behind the computer can tell you something pretty simple: it is definitely important to get out from behind the computer when you have the chance.

Personally, I end up finding better charity options online than I do in my local community (take this wine gift basket company as an example) which makes it hard sometimes to really get out from behind the computer, but overall it is still incredibly important to me.

Personally, I do believe this will come back to help me later in life-

An Automatic Cat Litter Pan Can Mean No More Scooping Stinky Cat Boxes

Nature provides the beauty to be enjoyed. Just like enjoy the animal as your pet. Most people like to get cat as their pet. This is a must that you have to provide the comfortable service for your pet, but in case you don’t like to scoop stinky cat boxes. Will you let your cat being in a dirty smell and bad cat because you can’t clean up the litter well. For those of you that love your cat but not the litter pan, over comes your problem by having an automated litter pan. Cat owners are always searching for ways to enhance the methods used to make life more comfortable for their pets. In the case of an automatic cat litter pan, there is the chance to make things easier for both pet and owner. You may have wondered how an automatic litter pan would benefit you. If you are currently using the standard, plastic box, you certainly know how time consuming it can be when you have to clean out the litter pan manually or you can learn review of automatic cat litter box for further information. Is the odor that drives you crazy when you have to scoop the litter?

Cleaning up your cat’s litter pan is gonna be horrible chore if you don’t want to do it. Automatic litter panes are a perfectly convenience for cat owners who don’t want to scoop their stinky cat boxes. You don’t have to do daily scooping or a lot of general maintenance which allows you to enjoy more free time with your pets. Your dream come true scoop less in taking care of your cat. Automatic cat litter pan can make life more convenient for cat owners. You no longer need to scoop your cat’s poop every day. However, you may need to litter train your cat to use the new litter pan.

It will be difficult in the start when you have to train your cat to use this automatic cat litter pan but gradually your cat will be accustomed with this incredible tool. One thing you should know just like the title of this article, using this automatic cat litter pan means no more scooping your stinky cat boxes.

Developing Your Skills

How best to develop your skills? A question that many people ask themselves and more often than not give up after struggling to find the answer. Well, if you are serious then having the perseverence to continue and actually find the best tool to develop your skills is important.

For the majority of businesses these days computers are an important way to function whether it is getting information out and interacting with customers, sales or research having computer skills is very important in most businesses. Finding courses to learn the basics or maybe take you up to the next level will significantly improve your chances of getting a job or progressing in the one that you already have.  

These skills will stand you in good stead and with them you will be able to work on websites for things as diverse as aquariums to 5 star luxury lodges and being able to work on such a wide and varied selection will also be another impressive string to your bow on your CV. 

It is always important for us to try to improve at whatever we are doing and with the way the computers and technology are constantly changing and updating it will be well worth your time and effort to take the steps to stay up to date and further your career posibilities. 


A Different Way To Avoid The Freshman 15

Ask almost any college student if they experienced the “Freshman 15”, and there is most likely a resounding “yes” as an answer to that question.  This well-known phenomenon occurs to most students who go away to school and live in a dorm.  Why?  There are a lot of reasons why this happens.  

For a lot of students, the school cafeterias offer an all-you-can-eat style buffet with an assortment of different foods to suit your specific mood.  Couple this with collegiate-style partying which includes mass quantities of beer and alcohol and little time to exercise, and most students will gain fifteen pounds or more during their freshman year of college.  Students who take online courses, however, don’t typically have this problem.  Not only do they manage to avoid the party animal mentality, but they manage to stay healthy and fit as well.  

Perhaps, then, distance learning through an online education can be a great way to get your college degree and avoid gaining unwanted pounds.  Add a workout routine to your school work, and you have a recipe for success in maintaining a healthy physique.  While you are online, read some workout plan reviews to determine which ones will meet your needs the best.  

A good review to read is the insanity workout review, as it can be a wonderful, comprehensive workout program that is condensed into the little time students usually have between their social lives and their studies.  You should be able to squeeze in a high intensity workout and still have time for your online classes, all the while avoiding the freshman 15.  You will be the fittest, best looking college freshman around, no questions asked!


Tablets, Phones and Laptops

I’ve normally kept up pretty well with the latest technology, but it’s starting to get pretty confusing.  Once upon a time it was pretty straight forward – you had a desktop at home and a laptop when you travelled. Two devices, easy to sync up your laptop when you  got home and copy a few files across or use some synchronising software to do it for you.  But last week it struck me that this decision is getting harder and harder.  I was sitting in a hotel room and realised I have three internet enabled devices sitting on my dresser.  My laptop, a smartphone and an Ipad, it could have been four I found my other tablet in my bag before I left but removed it!

So I’m sitting there in a hotel in Paris, ten minutes before the last episode of the current series of Doctor Who and thinking what am I going to watch it on!  I have a neat little VPN service – which allows me to watch Iplayer abroad but have to figure out what to install it on.

In the end I settled on the laptop purely because it had the biggest screen but you do wonder why you’re lugging all this stuff about.  But it doesn’t stop there – I can use my phone, the Ipad or the Laptop for phonecalls using a combination of Skype and dongles.

When I’m driving home, all the devices can function as a GPS – but normally switch between phone or Ipad.  The reality is that nearly all my devices do the same things – why do I own so many, what’s the point.  It seems I just ened up confusing myself especially as phones seem to be getting bigger in order to pack more functionality.  They are going to be the same size as an Ipad soon or the Mini-Ipad!

The technology market doesn’t seem to know where it’s going – a plethora of devices with identical functionality!



Moving With The Times

Off course with technological advances there are going to be changes to everyones life. Some changes are big and we all notice them but then there are the little ones that creep into everday life without much fuss. It wasn’t long ago that I remember saying I would never read online newspapers and I would stick with the old kind and now I check on my phone, yes my phone every morning. You can also get comics online, I just cant get my head around getting batman comics online rather than having an actual tangeble thing in my hands.

I don’t mind some advances though and do most of my shopping online and I find it really easy to get good deals so I suppose it is good for that. Gone are the days of having to trail all over town looking in all the shops then going back to the first one that you were in.

It does make me wonder where we go next though, just look at the development of 3D films, I remember those stupid red and green lensed cardboard glasses that you had to wear that didn’t even work but now the cinema experience is as close to real life as it has ever been. So what will the next step be? 

I can’t even begin to hazard a guess so I will leave that to all the geeks that spend every waking minute dreaming up possible scenarios.


New technologies in our everyday lives

Technology these days have come to aid those that would like to save some time on their everyday lives. There are many uses today for the technologies coming out of stores and companies each and every day. Some examples are new smartphones that more and more are able to deliver a wide range of functions and capabilities at a touch of a button.

Another example I’ve experienced first hand is the ability that consumers now have to research and find the best price for whatever product they might be looking for.

We all know that we have been one of the most prolific consumers societies for a long time now and because of that our demands have also been raised.

One such example is that I was looking for a good hand blender the other day when I stumbled upon this Miallegro 9090 review and immediately got interested in this product. After some digging and researching I was able to find the same product with a wide range of prices from some of the most famous online retailers that we’ve all heard about. Retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, etc.

You’d be surprised how much price variation you may experience when checking prices across all these different retailers.

Finding The Best Electronic Cigarette Brands Online

With the popularity in electronic cigarettes increasing month by month it is no surprise that people are turning to the web for brand reviews. The problem with this, like any other popular new product, is the ability to find honest reviews by somebody that has actually used the e cigarette. There are a number of things to look out for with electronic cigarette review sites, the first would be to see how the review itself is written, does it really seem like the writer has used the product? Does it sound overly promotional with little product detail? Does the e-cig sound too good to be true with no faults? Ask yourself these questions when reading the review and if you have specific product questions then contact the review site or leave a comment and ask, if they are legitimate they will be able to answer no problem. Some sites are helpful and and you may even find exclusive offers such as The Safe Cig coupon code on this site.

Other things to look for are real product photographs, not just images taken from the brands website, video reviews, other user reviews and look at the about page to learn a little more about the reviewer. If the reviews are the real deal then choosing an e cigarette will be easy and their top three picks should be good ones, so feel confident in taking their suggestions on board.

Using templates as an educational tool to learn web design

No doubt that proper education is amongst the important needs of the humans to be human! Usually the activity involving spreading education is situated partly about the government and to some extent on the non-public organizations It is evident that websites making use of templates just as one educational instrument to understand web design faster as compared to everything else. Nevertheless to take the things effectively to the readers or pupils your websites must be designed with better of education web templates! Realize some of the major options that come with your styles that you need to choose for building the education website:

Therefore the header of the education web templates have to retain the best information the sites desire to present. There may be several little animated graphics to pull more consideration in the student cum website visitors. Every one of the education web templates have to be well-managed while using wording data. Generally there should not be lot of info where the actual visitors will certainly sense insufficient excitement in learning! As well as the positioning from the news or the unique statement solar panels must be best, in order that readers find it easily successfully.

The education web templates should be with scopes to include the fun learning methods. Make sure you verify that you can modify the education web design templates and try to select for your own websites. There may be many functions or even would be the advertisements that are involving university student actions or perhaps the education that have to become applied inside individual’s templates. Consequently penny percent customization service has to be right now there with each layout. The above are the significant popular features of education web templates which make utilizing templates being an educational instrument to master web design. Besides those characteristics you ought to check if your layouts can be used using free technologies or not.


How Computers Improved Our Lives

The world has changed a lot because of the improvements in technology. There are a lot of things that is now easier to do. One of the great things made by technology is the computer. There are a lot of things you can do with it to make your tasks easier. To let you know about the great things you can do with a computer, continue reading this.

First of the benefits of using a computer is that we can now send and receive messages faster and easier. Before, you have to write it on a paper and you’ll need an envelope. Also, you will have to wait for days, weeks or even months before your letter will be received by the recipient. At some times, it may even not be able to get to the person you wrote to. Now, we can send messages by using an electronic mail and you can do so by using a computer.

Also, you can use a computer to store important files like pictures and documents. Before, you’ll need to use a typewriter to type a document and then store it in a folder or a file cabinet. What if the files get wet? You’ll lose everything and you’ll have to do it again but with a computer, you can be sure that it is safe plus you can produce copies using it, too.

Computers are also a great tool for engineering and architecture students because now, they will be able to draw something in 3D without using a pencil and paper.

Besides that, there are also many other things made by technology. One is the This will prevent your cat from littering anywhere and will clean it automatically. Another is the use of cellphones. Through cellphones, calling someone you miss is much easier plus you can carry these anywhere.

So you see, computers are really helpful to all of use so embrace it as well as the other things made by technology.

Using Proxies for Privacy

Some people are rightly concerned about their privacy online.  It’s not surprising as many of us run many aspects of our lives online now.  I’m sure I’m not alone with paying bills, managing my finances, arranging holidays using the internet.  In fact I’d be completely lost without an internet connection and I know my Wife and kids would be too.  Unfortunately with the benefits also comes some risks that all the data we transfer online somehow gets intercepted or lost.

In fact it’s probably a bigger risk that you would imagine mainly because of HTTP.  Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is the language most of our web browsing uses.  Your web browser sends a request using HTTP for a web page and the web site responds in the same language.  It’s a fast and efficient protocol which allows different browsers, OS’s and computers to interact with each other.  However it’s main problem is it is has no concept of security, all the transfers take place in clear text.  So in theory any body who sees the data can read it, seeing as web traffic travels over a myriad of shared computer infrastructure that is very likely to happen.

Now many people think that using a proxy server can help with security and to some extent that’s true.  However it’s not the whole story and a basic proxy server won’t help you that much.  What you need is a proxy server that adds a level of security to your connection as well – this can only be done by encrypting your traffic.  Take for example the two services on this post about  - How to Get a US IP Address.  Although the primary function of this article is to provide you with an American address so you can access US only sites like Pandora and Hulu – they do actually protect your connection.

This video shows a similar process but is to do with watching US Netflix, again by obscuring your real location and IP address.

One is a simple VPN which is encrypted by default and the other uses an SSH tunnel to add an encryption function the connection.  So unlike most proxies the ones provided by these two companies do help.

Without the encryption layer all you are doing by using a proxy is obscuring your address from the web server your connecting to.  Which of course is enough for many people, but please don’t think it provides you with any security as it’s simply not true!

Computer Skills and Wine?

I don’t think many people consider the type of computer skills that are readily apparent in the wine industry?

Do you?

Think about the last wine gift that you gave someone-what type of sophisticated content management system was in place for the website to function as it? One of the rather unique things about the wine industry is that, there are over seven thousand active wineries in the United States and each winery makes, on average 10 wines per year.  Unlike the beer industry those wines change from year to year as well.  Even if a winery is making the same 10 wines by brand name, the percentages of included grapes often changes just as does the year.  For wine, vintage matters which is one unique thing to be sure.

Just creating a content management system which can catologue that amount of information is impressive in and of itself.  For that, you need someone with truly great computer and programming skills.

How the iPad can help kids become better learners

The iPad, just like any other computer is an effective tool when it comes to learning and more so in as far as children with autism are concerned. For starters, the fact that the iPad is portable and compounded by the fact that it is flexible has given it an edge over the personal computers and laptops. Its touch screen characteristic as well as layout ends up making the iPad conveniently accessible for children who have learning difficulties or those that have problems with coordination.

Children facing these challenges will in most cases, find tapping and sliding easier especially when compared to writing and typing. These children also see the iPad as a trendy tech device and it does not automatically mark that particular child as being different. It also comes with numerous educational games and it has well over 40 apps that can go a long way in improving the learning skills of ordinary children. The apps cover various subjects including math, science, special education, and a host of others. It is a tool that can help bring up your child’s grades. In addition to aiding in communication and entertainment, the iPad will surely make learning a fun experience.

Read more about the iPad here (where you also are able to win the new Apple iPad 3):

Using Computers For Online Refrigerator Shopping

In the modern world it is critical that consumers have basic computer skills if they are to get the best deals on big ticket purchases like kitchen appliances.  Gone are they days where shoppers could simply head down to their nearest Sears, pick out a refrigerator, and be confident of having gotten a great deal.

With more and more appliance manufacturing shipped overseas, there are many once proud brands not putting out refrigerators that are frankly of subpar quality.  Brick and mortar stores have no hesitation selling these to you, their customers, knowing that you will likely have to replace the fridge freezer with a new one within a few short years.

Thankfully, there is a counter balance to the deterioration of manufacturing quality and business ethics that have occurred in recent times.  The solution can be found online – and this is where the need to basic computer skills present itself!

There are many resources online that provide balanced and unbiased refrigerator reviews for people who wish to buy a fridge that will be both dependable and a good value.  Rather than picking one haphazardly you can consult reviews of refrigerators to find a model that is well regarded – information that may be hard to get from the commissioned guy in your local appliance store.

Not only that, but there are a plethora of sellers online available as well – some of whom even provide simple options for having your new refrigerator shipped to yor home and installed for you.  Now you may wonder how you can trust these businesses, who may be out of state.  Again, the answer lies in reviews – this time of the sellers! With a solid grounding of how to use an internet search engine on a computer, shoppers can find both quality products and quality retailers to greatly increase their chances of making a successful purchase without any cause for remorse!

Using the Internet to Research

One of the most important computer skills is one that we all think have, but maybe we are not as good at it as we might imagine. I’m talking about finding out information on the internet, about researching topics on the internet. Most people are content with turning on their browser and looking on for the information they are seeking.

What they are probably less aware about is that google is using cookies to track users progress across the internet and using this information to manipulate the results that are thrown up by google searches. This can lead to circular experiences when trying to search for new information.

Another problem is that google is a corporate entity that uses sponsored links at the top and down the side. I find these links rarely give you the information you want, just push a product or ’call to action’ box in your face. Furthermore, google tends to favor shopping sites such as Amazon instead of independent review sites that might give you a better price and a more honest opinion about a product.

When trying to research a holiday in Koh Phangan, for example, it is often the big companies such as and Agoda that people go to. These sites say nothing interesting about a place. The better place to go is to the blogs tab down the left hand side of the page. This will lead you to plenty of first hand accounts of places that can often be far more revealing.

Finally, most poeple searching for information on google rarely get off page one. The more interesting sites are often way down on page 2 or 3. This is because their owners have focussed more on content and less on link building.

Being aware of these things will greatly improve your ability to find reliable and actionable information on the net.