There is no doubt that the options for web hosting can be bewildering, there’s simply so many hosts to choose from. This article will perhaps help ease that stress and help decide whether you should choose KnownHost to host your website? There are several unique features that KnownHost offers that other web hosts do not which makes it different from all the others. One of the primary benefits to using this company is that they have hybrid hosting which is reasonably priced providing you with options typically only dedicated servers can provide. Now let’s take a look at KnownHost, a reputable web hosting company, that has many options that could help you and your business.

Any question that you have will be answered by their customer service department. KnownHost has a full staff of very knowledgeable individuals that can answer almost every question. Aside from a support ticket system, KnownHost has a forum where members can help you with many questions and issues. For example I once had a difficult problem concerning using my hosting account as a Smart DNS proxy service like this, it was answered quickly and accurately on the online forums by a moderator.


More than likely, you will find the answers that you need. There are many topics that KnownHost has provided for its customers. All of their services, and everything that they do, is detailed in their knowledge base which you can access online for any questions that you may have. Although all of this information is very helpful, it is likely that you will never use it simply because KnownHost has very reliable servers and is easy to use.

Anyone that is serious about web marketing will appreciate the KnownHost Managed Dedicated Servers. This is an excellent choice for people looking for raw power. When you’re looking for something to compensate for your high volume of traffic, these types of servers allow you to have the maximum efficiency that you require. You can get dedicated hosting for just $200 a month or less, with three packages with different prices.

If you start with a smaller level, you can always upgrade as your business grows larger. To give you maximum convenience, Managed Dedicated Servers are Linux based. They also include cPanel as the control panel. Although you can go with shared or reseller levels with other companies if this is too much money, Knownhost’s hybrid or VPS hosting options might be affordable and reliable enough for you to try.

The website had KnownHost has a technical, complicated appearance, something that techies will appreciate, but newbies may not find that interesting. So if you’re not experienced with programming or running websites, you might find it a little overwhelming. You need to understand that, despite the technical appearance of the site, they are geared to help newcomers get started on the net. One way to find out if they can meet your needs is to talk to them via chat. You can learn about their web hosting options from the sales staff that will chat with you when you contact them. Their different web hosting packages, and that can be confusing! However, the sales staff can make this very easy to understand.

Anytime you go looking for a hosting company, and you’re trying to choose between their many plans, it is essential that you know exactly what you want before you go shopping. There’s no point in buying a web hosting package that’s made for a larger site than you ever plan to build. One of the benefits of hosting with KnownHost is that they offer such a diversity of plans, so no matter what your needs they can probably accommodate you.

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