Many years ago I was sent to work in a new post within the company. I had been with them doing the same job for years and was skilled at what I did, but this new work required me to make use of technology specifically a VPN for computer, something that I had avoided all of my working life. I did not understand them nor want to for that matter. However, the new work required that I learn and learn fast. It was an uphill struggle for me and I still don’t think that I am that competent on the systems.

British roulette

So whilst I was working for the Church at Christmas helping to man the charity tables for the homeless I met this guy who works with a body called ‘CEDPS’ who work with young people to get them into the way of working on computers. He said that it brings them closer to gaining gainful employment by upping their skill base. I was impressed and when I went home told my wife about my meeting. She said that her friend’s son was involved in the learning process and that he was now so proficient that he had been able to use the internet  to arrange her accommodation for her trip to London last year.

I thought about this for a while and now during my work in schools and such, especially in those areas of social deprivation, I encourage the kids to think about contacting ‘CEDPS’ to see if they would qualify for any help that the organisation could offer to them.

As I said, I am not an expert at using computers, but had I not been willing to learn the new skills then I would most certainly not been here happily using a german proxy and possibly would have lost my job. If these kids can be helped forward then the world really will be at their fingertips.

It’s not an option to avoid technology anymore simply because virtually any job will involve some sort of computers.  What’s more, lack of basic computer knowledge can act as a real restriction to further opportunities.  The person who is comfortable with technology is always more likely to be considered for new opportunities that those who aren’t.  It should be stressed that no-one needs to fear technology, there’s no real intelligence requirement.  Most people can develop and learn about technology if they’re given the opportunity, there’s no restrictions.  When you see an 80 year old with no experience of computers, happily using a VPN to watch UK TV when on holiday – you can see this is true.